Pinterest is an amazing tool for growing your small business. It has grown exponentially since its inception and is now a staple social media tool. If you haven't made an account yet, do! Spend some time looking around the site and familiarize yourself with the layout and style.

1. Segmentation and targeting

The first key to harnessing the power of Pinterest is knowing your target market. If you sell bohemian jewelry, your audience is most likely interested in a bohemian aesthetic throughout every aspect of their lives. If you make more classic pieces, your audience is probably interested in classic silhouettes, clean lines, and...

Are you getting excited for Halloween? Whether you are a jewelry designer or a jewelry enthusiast, you can appreciate these beautiful holiday designs. They are appropriately spooky without being creepy, and they ooze class and sophistication.

Since we are huge fans and promoters of handmade and handcrafted pieces, every one of these showcased pieces has been selected from a small etsy shop. Show them some love as you gear up for the holiday!

Fall season is almost upon us and it’s sure to bring much inspiration for you in your jewelry-making and craft projects when it arrives. You can find inspiration during fall season in so many ways!

The change in the weather brings about so many changes in nature and in the colors that you’ll see around you every day. Then there are the seasonal events and celebrations to think about, like Halloween and Thanksgiving that you can draw inspiration from.

To help inspire you in your jewelry-making projects for the next few months, we’ve highlighted our top 5 fall picks from the Golden Age Beads store! We’ve also showcased...

Fabric jewelry has been around since ancient times and is still popular even now. In this post, we’re exploring some different types of fabric jewelry and what techniques you can use to make amazing jewelry from fabrics today.

The concept of decorating the body with accessories came about back in prehistoric times. Early humans used sea shells, bone fragments, stones and animal skins to adorn their bodies. Later on, other materials were used including bird feathers, leather, fibers and even hair. Back in those days, these kinds of materials were easily accessible.

The very first proper textile in history is thought to have...

Whether you’re new to running a handmade business or you’re a seasoned craft business owner already, you’ll inevitably come across a tricky customer or two at some point.

And when you do, you might be wondering: what is the best way to deal with them?

In this post, we’ve put together some tips that may help you keep your cool in difficult situations with customers.

First of all though, it’s important to note that all customers are valuable. Tricky customers however, can be even more valuable to your business than regular, happy ones. Here’s why...

A tricky customer is one that isn’t pleased with you, your...

We have another free beadweaving pattern for you today, for a peyote stitch beaded ring! This is a striking triangular pattern that uses three different colors.

Peyote stitch rings are easy and fun projects to make. Today’s project is suitable for beginner level beaders. You’ll only need a few supplies, as follows:

Our pattern here uses the flat odd count peyote stitch technique. If you’re not sure how...

In today’s jewelry-making tutorial, find out how to make a pair of beaded fringe earrings using seed beads, gold tone findings and chain!

This is a relatively quick project to make up and the finished earrings look so good that you’ll want to wear them at every opportunity.

For this project, you’ll need the following materials:

To begin, thread 30...

Spring and summer 2016 saw the emergence of jewelry trends like the single bangle, metal body jewelry and raw stones. But what’s hot on the catwalks for fall and winter this year?

In this post, we explore the latest catwalk jewelry trends that you might see replications of in the high street stores. If you’re planning to make your own trendy jewelry this season, we hope this post will inspire you!

Strings of pearls

Pearls are a classic jewelry item that never seems to go out of fashion. For fall and winter season 2016, pearls are making more of a statement than ever before! They are being worn in long multiple strings in...