We have a fun summer jewelry-making tutorial for you today on how to make a pair of beaded barefoot sandals! If you’re heading off to the beach this summer, these are sure to dress up your bare feet beautifully.

To make these barefoot sandals, you’ll need the following materials:

- selection of size 11/0 Toho Round seed beads in gold

Last week, we announced the launch of our jewelry-making kits which was pretty exciting! Our kits are great for beginners and as gifts for anyone interested in making jewelry.

As a follow on from our jewelry-making kits, we thought we’d put together some options for beading starter kits – these are loose beads and findings that will help get beginner beaders off to a great start!

Below you’ll find suggested combinations of our products to suit various budgets for inspiration. Please note that you will need to purchase your own jewelry-making and beading tools (e.g. pliers and beading needles) in addition to these...

We’re very excited to announce a new product line here at Golden Age Beads – our range of jewelry-making kits! These are ideal for anyone wanting to try out jewelry-making without having to invest in a lot of supplies. They also make great gifts too for birthdays, Christmas and more!

There are 10 jewelry-making kits available on our website and we’ve explained a bit more about each one below.

Beaded Dangle Bracelet Kit

In this kit, you’ll find all the supplies needed to make a beautiful beaded dangle bracelet. Several small charms are included, a selection of 10mm beads and silver-tone findings, including chain....

Lava Rock beads are, as their name suggests, a type of igneous rock. These beads are becoming very popular among beaders today, as they are irregular in shape with sponge-like textures, making them an interesting element in jewelry design.

Lava Rock beads are also deceptively lightweight too, so they are very comfortable to wear. And while they most commonly appear in black or gray, they can be dyed different colors too. Best of all, Lava Rock beads are relatively inexpensive compared to gemstones.

But how did Lava Rock beads first come about? In this post, we explore some interesting facts about Lava Rock beads and why you...

Adding a picot edge to your beadwork can provide a beautiful finishing touch and it’s so easy to do! In today’s tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to add this kind of detail to your beading projects.

This technique works best when your main beads are positioned with their holes facing outwards, for example in peyote or brick stitch beading projects. Picot edges also look great in bead embroidery work too.

To demonstrate how to use this technique, we made up a sample piece of beadwork in peyote stitch, using size 11/0 Toho Round seed beads and Nymo beading thread. To create the picot edge, we’ve used contrasting colors to...

Summer is a wonderful time to get creative with handmade jewelry. It’s a season renown for warmth, color, liveliness and the feeling of happiness – all good things that will help to inspire your designs.

Summer jewelry can be both pretty and delicate or designed to be bold and bright to make a statement. There are many bright or pastel summer shades that we see all around us during these warm months and we can consider incorporating them into jewelry designs.

Some designers like to use a nautical or nature-inspired theme for summer jewelry and layered boho style jewelry with earthy tones is always a good look for this time...

If you love making jewelry, you’ll no doubt appreciate the amount of new materials and supplies you can buy these days in order to keep on coming up with unique and beautiful designs.

To help feed your creativity, there are many sources to draw inspiration from, when you take into account the amount of information available on the internet and the natural beauty of the world around us.

One source of inspiration for jewelry design that may not involve spending any money at all can come from found objects – a natural or manmade item that is already in existence for another purpose.

Jade is a beautiful and durable material that has been around since pre-historic times. It’s often used in jewelry-making for pendants, earrings and bracelets. Jade is often cut in cabochons for this type of jewelry, but is also seen in beads or tumbled stones too.

History of Jade

As well as being used for jewelry-making, Jade has also been used to make tools, weapons, carvings, heirloom ornaments, religious art and sculptures. Jade has a long association with China, having been mined and worked there since the Stone Age. China is still the world’s leading producer of Jade items today.

The Chinese value Jade jewelry and...