With Father’s Day coming up, we thought we’d post a jewelry-making tutorial that’s suitable for the men in your life!

In today’s post, find out how to make this macramé leather cord and bead bracelet. The dark colored cord is perfect for men’s jewelry-making, but this bracelet could be made in other colors if you’d prefer a unisex style bracelet.

For this project, you’ll need the following materials:

If you were born in June, you actually have not one but two birthstones to choose from – the classic Pearl and the very extraordinary gemstone, Alexandrite.

We’ve written a post on the timeless beauty of pearls previously, so in today’s post, we’re exploring Alexandrite in detail.

Alexandrite composition and origin

Alexandrite is an interesting and rare gemstone – a color-changing variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl. Alexandrite changes color according to changes in light. In natural daylight, the color of Alexandrite appears as a greenish-blue through to yellow-green. Under incandescent or candle light, Alexandrite...

We have another book review for you today, which you might be interested in if you’ve ever fancied making wedding jewelry either for yourself or as a gift for someone who is getting married!

“Wire & Beaded Wedding Jewelry” by Linda Jones contains 34 step by step projects for tiaras, necklaces, hair accessories, table decorations and more.

Wire & Beaded Wedding Jewelry - content overview

This book is set out into 4 main sections to cover each season of the year: spring, summer, fall and winter. The reason the book has been designed in this way is because the seasons do tend to affect the colors and themes that a bride...

Are you in the mood for a little beadweaving? If so, you might like our latest beadweaving pattern, which you can download and use absolutely free!

Our “Flowers” bracelet pattern uses flat even count peyote stitch (check out our tutorial here on how to do this technique). This is a pattern that will keep you suitably challenged as you’ll get to change up your flower colors as you work through it, but it’s also a good project for beginners as well as intermediate level beaders.

Getting the sizing right when making handmade jewelry can be a little tricky, especially if you’re making jewelry as a gift for someone else rather than yourself.

In our post today, we’ve outlined some standard adult sizes for necklaces, bracelets and rings that you may find useful. These are just a guide of course - it’s always worth double checking with your intended recipient if you’re able to!

Standard necklace lengths

  • 14” – this size fits most necklines snugly, so it’s ideal for choker style necklaces.

  • 16” – the industry standard size necklace - it typically sits just below the base of the...

One of the trickiest obstacles to running a successful and profitable handmade business is the amount of designers who will try to copy your work.

It’s so frustrating to see a product that you’ve put your heart and soul into get copied by another designer (or company). Even more so if you see that the copycat product is being offered at a cheaper price to undercut your own product sales.

In some cases, copycat products can have a huge detrimental impact on your business. Especially if a big commercial retailer decides to rip off your design. Yes, it really does happen! See for yourself how Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie...

The emerald is the birthstone for May and one of four well-known precious gemstones – the others are diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Emeralds, with their luscious green hues, are highly prized gems and in some cases can even be worth more than diamonds.

In this post, we explore the history behind emeralds and other fascinating facts surrounding this precious gem.

Emerald origin and mineral makeup

Emeralds were first found in Egypt and were mined there as early as 1500 BCE. Nowadays, emeralds are found all over the world with Columbia being the biggest producer (making up over 50% of world production). The second biggest...

Welcome to the last post in our Jewelry Through The Ages series! We hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. In part 9, we’re finding out more about the contemporary jewelry we see around us today.

Contemporary jewelry is made up of a variety of different forms and styles. Some styles are classic and elegant, some are earthy and bohemian and others are trendy and futuristic. There are plenty of other styles that sit somewhere in between.

Contemporary jewelry is seen as a progressive art movement, with new styles appearing all the time. In the early part of the 21st century, the “Bling Bling” style was popularized by rap and...