Ametrine Beads, Light Purple, Small Chip

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   Quantity 31 inch strand (140 - 160 beads)
   Material Ametrine
   Hole Size 0.8mm

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Ametrine is a form of quartz that is created as a mixture of amethyst and citrine, and features a light purple color with yellow and orange inclusions. Its lovely lilac color makes it a perfect complement to coral, mint, and rich blue beads. Use it in earrings and bracelets for a more organic feel to your next beaded piece.

Dimensions: 4-15mm wide, 5-8mm long, 1-9mm thick, 0.8mm hole

Sold by: 31 inch strand

Color may vary between batches.

Product Details
Size Small
Quantity 31 inch strand (140 - 160 beads)
Shape Chip
Material Ametrine
Hole Size 0.8mm
Color Family Purple
Treatment Natural
Origin China

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