Yellow Turquoise Beads, 10mm Round

Yellow Turquoise Beads, 10mm Round

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   Quantity:   15 inch strand (38 - 40 beads)

   Material:   Turquoise

   Hole Size:   1mm

per 15 inch strand (38 - 40 beads)
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Yellow turquoise is actually a combination stone made of serpentine, jasper, quartz, and hematite. It is called Turquoise because it can sometimes be found in the same mines as regular turquoise, and because the beautiful webbed pattern is similar to that of traditional stone. The colors range from a bright yellow to a mossy green with dark black web-like inclusions.

Dimensions: 10mm diameter, 1mm hole

Sold by: 15 inch strand, approximately 40 beads

Color may vary between batches.

Product Details
Size 10mm
Quantity 15 inch strand (38 - 40 beads)
Shape Round
Material Turquoise
Hole Size 1mm
Color Family Green
Treatment Natural
Origin China

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