5 Creative Uses for Leftover Beads

Do you have a bead soup stash? A place where you store all your leftover beads from your jewelry-making projects? If so, you might be wondering what to do with those beads, since they’ll likely be different colors and sizes.

You can still make some gorgeous jewelry with bead soup, just check out these items on Pinterest for a mixture of freeform and colorful jewelry. But just in case you’ve been racking your brain for other ways to use your leftover beads more creatively, read on for inspiration!

1. Home and garden decoration

You can use leftover beads to creative beautiful decorative items for your home, such as this gorgeous hanging heart, which has been decorated with beads, buttons and other embellishments. Random beads can be sewn onto lampshades easily enough to form a beaded fringe and add a little burst of color to a room. You can melt down semi-transparent acrylic beads to make sun catchers and wind chimes are also great for using up those one-off beads that you’re not sure what to do with!


If you have a garden, you could brighten up your plant beds with garden art, like this creation which has been created using sprigs of colorful beads.

2. Bead curtains and tie backs

Adding leftover beads to your existing drapes is a great way to spruce them up and give them a new lease of life. If you have a huge bead soup stash, you could make long bead curtains for use in doorways. These are great in summer for keeping away those pesky flies. Leftover beads can also be use as curtain tiebacks, like the ones at the bottom of this article about bohemian style bedroom curtains.

3. Bead art

Leftover beads are perfect for decorating photo frames and mirrors. You can create a beautiful vintage look with seed beads, rhinestones, pearls and cabochons. If you’re arty, why not create a beaded mosaic canvas or an art collage with bead soup and a little glue?

4. Beaded hair accessories

You can make some gorgeous hair accessories using just a few beads and bobby pins. Cabochons work well with flat pad hair pins or if you have leftover beads with holes, you could wire wrap them to a bobby pin, like these in the image below.

5. Tableware accessories

A little wire and leftover beads make for awesome beaded napkin rings – check out this easy tutorial over at Happy Hour Projects. Wine glass beaded charms are also an easy make and can really dress up a table if you’re planning to host a special dinner!


Beads are incredibly versatile and can be used to make many beautiful items as well as handmade jewelry. It’s well worth holding onto leftover beads at the end of a project, as you never know when you might see something that you’d like to make with them!

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Image sources: beaded curtains, beaded drapes, hair pins.

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