5 Things Handmade Buyers Are Looking For

What is it about handmade products that make them so special? And why do handmade products cost more than a similar product in a high street store? These questions are often asked by people who don’t usually buy handmade products and on the surface of things, it’s understandable.

After all, there are so many places to buy from these days when you take into account the extent of the internet and the likes of eBay, Amazon and other mass marketplaces.

However, the handmade marketplace is totally different to any other type of shopping platform. Handmade buyers aren’t looking for cheap-as-chips products and they’re not looking for comparisons all over the internet to make sure they can get the best deal possible on the item they’re buying.

Thankfully, handmade buyers are looking for a whole lot more when they decide to buy handmade. Take a look at some of these key attributes that really matter to someone looking for handmade products.

1. Uniqueness

The joy of handmade products lies in their uniqueness and originality. While some handmade sellers are happy to create a range of the same products, many artisans relish in only ever creating one of a kind products, thriving on being able to express their creativity in this way.

Handmade buyers like this! There’s nothing better than being able to own and enjoy a specially made item that is totally personal and unique, that no-one else will have. Even if a range of the same sort of product is being offered, buying handmade means that each one will be slightly different anyway.

When you consider (bland) mass produced products versus handmade, there really is no comparison. To a handmade buyer, carefully crafted products which have been nurtured into their unique finished form by hand, will win every time.

2. A story

People who buy handmade love to know the story behind the product they’re buying. They like to know how it was made, what materials were used and what inspired the creativity behind it. It’s just so much more interesting and satisfying than buying an off-the-shelf product that was made along with thousands of others in a factory somewhere for example!

3. Quality and craftsmanship

One problem with buying mass produced goods is that they can be a bit flimsy and may break over time, resulting in them being thrown away. Handmade products may also break too of course, but on the whole something that is handmade with traditional skills (rather than a whole host of machines) has been crafted to a very high standard and is usually more robust.

There’s something very awe-inspiring about the craftsmanship of a handmade product. Handmade buyers appreciate the sheer amount of skill and effort that goes into creating something from scratch by hand.

4. Ecological benefits

Helping to sustain the environment is important to many handmade buyers. Lots of artists like to create with recycled or fair trade items and so this is an important factor that some buyers will consider. Handmade products don’t involve large manufacturing plants or chemicals for instance.

Many handmade buyers like to own products that are made ethically – and don’t involve a number of people working in poor conditions for hours on end for very little pay. Handmade buyers feel reassured in the knowledge that human rights have been respected in the making of their product.

5. Helping to support small businesses

When a mass produced product is offered for sale at a very low cost, there’s a reason why. Somewhere along the line, costs will have been slashed, possibly on raw materials or on labor costs. This then contributes to a negative impact on the global economy, aka there are hidden costs.

Handmade buyers know that when they buy handmade, they are helping local businesses to thrive, which turn has a positive impact on the global economy. There are no hidden costs when it comes to buying handmade products. Buying handmade directly supports the artist who has made the product, meaning that they can carry on earning money from a business they are passionate about.

Why we should celebrate all things handmade

The handmade industry is booming. Artisans and crafters alike are able to use their traditional skills to create amazingly beautiful and personal products for people to love and enjoy. That in itself is a great reason to buy handmade! In addition, when we factor in the benefits to small businesses, the environment and the economy, buying handmade is a lifestyle choice well worth making.

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*Image source – Flickr Creative Commons

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