7 Awesome Beaded Craft Projects for Kids

Getting creative with beads is a fun activity for adults and children alike! In this post, we’ve rounded up some great beaded craft projects that are suitable for kids of various ages. Some of these activities may need adult supervision. We hope you enjoy them!

1. DIY Kaleidoscope

We came across this post on how to make a DIY Kaleidoscope over at the blog Darcy and Brian. It looks like so much fun – we’re sure adults would love to make this as well as kids! To make this with your children, you’ll need a cardboard tube, clear plastic, some colorful beads, scrapbook paper and a few tools.

2. Beaded Hungry Caterpillar

Kids can use any beads in green and red along with pipe cleaners to make this hungry caterpillar craft from A Mummy Too. In this tutorial, wooden beads are used which helps if you want to draw a face onto the caterpillar. But if you’re using smooth and shiny beads like pearls, you could glue sequins on instead! This is a really nice project for preschoolers (with adult supervision).


3. DIY Dream Catchers

Kids over the age of 5 will love making DIY dream catchers like these over at Art Bar Blog – the ones in this tutorial have been made by kids and they look amazing! Materials needed to make these include an embroidery hoop, yarn and of course plenty of beads.

4. Beaded Stretch Bracelets

These beautiful beaded stretch bracelets caught our eye over at The DIY Dreamer. Unlike most beaded jewelry projects for kids, these ones look quite grown up with not a pony bead in sight! If you have older children, you could let them get creative here by getting them to select a mix of beads so they can design their own bracelet.

For younger ones, you may need to help with finishing the bracelet off. Simple materials are needed for this project – just stretch cord and a mixture of beads.

5. Spiral Suncatchers

Glass beads look really pretty on their own, but especially so when they reflect in the light of the sun! Kids will have fun making these spiral suncatchers over at Northshore Days from memory wire and glass faceted beads. This project may be better suited to older children as memory wire can be a little sharp when threading on beads.

6. Beaded Schoolbag Charms

Making an accessory for your kid’s school bag will surely provide them with an hour or so of fun. We like these purse charms from Red Ted Art that could be easily adapted for school bag charms. Kids could make different sets of these for each school day of the week!

7. Magic Fairy Wands

These nature inspired fairy wands from Nurture Store would be a delight for any little girl to make. Use sticks, garden twine and beads to create a truly magical beaded wand!

We hope these beading projects help your child to get creative and have fun. For more inspiration on beading, check out this section of our website.

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