All About Hematite

Hematite is a form of iron oxide that is usually a dark gunmetal color, though it can also be found in brown, silver-grey, or red. It has been used as a pigment since the 15th century, creating a red color we know as Rouge. This is actually how the stone got its name, as it comes from ancient latin meaning “blood.” The most natural form of hematite is a rusty red color, and that is how it was known for many centuries before it began being polished to its dark silver color we know today.


Metaphysically, hematite is used as a grounding stone. It can help you feel more safe or can counteract overwhelming energies from people and things around you to help you stay clearheaded. Its grounding properties can also help to foster creative and logical thinking, as it opens your mind and allows it to be organized and calm. It helps also to bolster your confidence and overcome your fears by helping you to feel secure with yourself.

Have you used Hematite in any of your jewelry projects?




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  2. Thank you for explanations imparted … it has been most helpful in my understanding of things noticed both spiritually and physically … ?



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