All About Tiger’s Eye [Video]

Tiger’s eye is a variety of quartz that is well known for its silky luster and beautiful striations. It has inclusions of iron and quartz, which give the stone its striped appearance and an optical effect that’s called chatoyancy (“chat” is French for cat). This effect can be seen in other “eye” stones, such as hawk’s eye or cat’s eye chrysoberyl.

This stone is formed in part from the mineral crocidolite, which is a type of asbestos. During the formation of tiger’s eye, crocidolite is completely replaced with quartz and iron ore, so if you ever wondered whether tiger’s eye is dangerous – well, it isn’t.

Tiger’s eye is usually opaque and found naturally in a brown or golden brown color, though it can be dyed any color from pink to green to navy blue. It is mined primarily in Africa, but is also found in Brazil, Australia, and some parts of the United States.

There are other varieties of Tiger’s Eye that are different colors: Hawk’s Eye crystal is largely blue and green, while Ox Eye is mahogany or red. These are formed by different inclusions within the quartz stone.

Due to its unique appearance, this stone has been known and widely used since ancient times. Egyptians believed it to be a form of the “all-seeing eye” and used it to make actual eyes for gods’ statues. Tiger’s eye was carried to battle by Roman soldiers, who thought it would give them the strength and courage of a tiger.

Tiger’s eye is associated with the Root Chakra, helping the wearer balance themselves both physically and spiritually. It is also the zodiac stone for Gemini. It can be used as a good luck stone, inspiring confidence while protecting you against curses or ill will. This protection also helps you to lead a more balanced life, free of fear while confidently stepping up and taking action to further your life. It challenges you to step outside of the box and make a positive impact on the world around you.

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