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Soutache, pronounced “soo-tash,” is a french word that describes a decorative braid that is used to trim jackets, coats, epaulets, shoulders, caftans, tunics, and many other garments. Now it is largely seen in jewelry, with fibers of many colors swirled tightly around beautiful beads, cabochons, and crystals. It is a very labor intensive process, producing truly one of a kind pieces. Here are a few of our favorite pieces that can be found and purchased on Etsy!

Soutache Bridal Comb from Ozdo by Ziemi

This gorgeous hair comb is perfect for adorning your updo for a wedding or gala event. It is so ornate, with many swirls looping around strands of crystals and a large beautiful crystal in the center. It is a statement piece all on its own!


Soutache Earrings from Soutache Land

The beautiful jewel tones on these earrings make them a standout piece- no letting your earrings hide behind your hair with these beauties! The rich colors enhance the beauty of the natural stones withing the earrings, including Chrysocholla and hematite.

Soutache Statement Necklace from Art Gallery Butterfly

This amazing necklace is simply breathtaking. The workmanship is exquisite, with so many layers of beads and embroidery that are perfectly symmetrical on either side of a beautiful turquoise cabochon. It is a necklace fit for a queen!

Soutache Cuff Bracelet from Golubchak


This bright and whimsical cuff bracelet is sure to be a showstopper at any event. The contrasting colors of grey, pink, and yellow work together for a beautiful and eclectic piece. It is also surprisingly inexpensive- perhaps it would be a perfect gift for a loved one!

Soutache Brooch from Sutaszula

Soutache jewelry isn’t just for special events- pin this pretty brooch on your favorite blouse or jacket for a little bit of understated elegance. The sparkling crystals are toned down by the dark black, making the piece perfect for church, school, or even date night.

Soutache Ring from Soutache for the Queen

If you are a lover of statement rings, look no further than this neutral tone beauty. With gorgeous rhinestones and mini seed beads, this ring will make your hand the most graceful of the cocktail party.

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