Blog Love #3: Favorite Crafty Blogs from Around the Web

There’s been a lot of creativity going on around the web lately so we thought we’d share some of our favorite blog posts that we’ve come across in recent weeks. Prepare to be inspired!

1. Sahara Statement Necklace

We were blown away recently by this amazingly creative statement necklace from Allison Beth Cooling at Quiet Lion Creations. Allison combined pearls, gemstone beads, coated teardrop beads and chain to make a gorgeous luxury necklace. It gets better – she’s written up a tutorial so you can make one too!

2. No Tools Required Bracelets x 3

Over at Hapiness Wherever, we enjoyed reading this tutorial which explained how to make not 1 or 2 but 3 awesome-looking bracelets which involved no pliers in order to do so! Each bracelet takes just a few minutes to make, so if you’re looking for a super quick DIY jewelry project to make, this post might be for you.



3. Anthropologie-inspired Gold Dipped Round Drop Earrings

We loved these polymer clay gold dipped earrings, made by Aki from Minted Strawberry. Aki explains how to make these in a detailed tutorial from her blog. These look pretty easy to make and the finished result fits right in with this year’s jewelry trends!

4. Givenchy-inspired Studded Wrap Bracelet

This great tutorial by Troy at The Thriftanista proves that you don’t need to spend all that much on fashion accessories to be able to wear something trendy and beautiful. Troy made a studded wrap bracelet from a belt she picked up at a thrift store for just $0.79!

5. How to Make Marble Jewelry with Clay

Marbling is definitely “in” at the moment and you might have seen marbled jewelry projects already via the internet. We came across this amazing marbled bracelet project over at OhOh Blog and just had to share this as one of our favorites! We love the combination of polymer clay and chain. Head on over there and see what you think!

6. 10 Minutes or Less DIY Jewelry Box

In case you’re wondering where to put the beady creations you’ve been making lately, you might want to check out this post from Rachel from The Crafted Life. She shared a fun tutorial on how to make your own jewelry box out of a simple wooden box and some paints. The results are beautiful!

7. DIY Cinderella Butterfly Pumpkin

Now fall is upon us, we’re seeing an abundance of fall-inspired creative projects from talented crafters all over the web. This blue glittery pumpkin inspired by the Cinderella movie was made by A Pumpkin & A Princess – it caught our eyes as one of the best we’ve seen yet!

In case you’re looking for fall-inspired jewelry projects to make, check out this earring tutorial we posted on our own blog recently.

We hope you enjoyed our round up of the best crafty blogs we’ve read in recent weeks. If you did, please take a moment to share this post with your social media followers!

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