Blog Love: Favorite Crafty Reads From Around the Web

I’m always looking out for jewelry and craft inspiration here at Golden Age Beads and so today, I thought I’d highlight some of the best blogs I’ve read in recent weeks. Below you’ll find features of amazing handmade projects and tutorials.

1. Bridal Bracelets

Viktoria at Donauluft recently made some beautiful and classic bridal bracelets from tiny antique glass rocailles and silver clasps. The simplicity of the bracelet design adds to their overall elegance. Take a look at Viktoria’s blog to see them!

2. Sundance Style Beaded Bracelet – How to use a Magical Crimper

There’s a great tutorial over at I Always Pick The Thimble which shows step by step how to make a Sundance Style Beaded Bracelet (made with beads, cord and wire). In addition, the tutorial helpfully explains how to use a magical crimper tool.



3. DIY Layered Leather Beaded Watch

Adrianne over at Happy Hour Projects made an amazing DIY Layered Leather Beaded Watch. It’s ultra-stylish and looks so effective, I thought it would be complicated to make. However, you only need a few materials and this great post contains full instructions on how to make it.

4. Keep Your Unexpensive Rings from Turning Your Fingers Green

Tjasa from Sprinkle of Cinnamon shared a very useful tip on her blog about how to stop your costume jewelry rings from discoloring and from turning your fingers green! Read more over at her blog.

5. Material Matters – Washi Tape

Amy over at Bead Bash explains how she uses Washi Tape as a material in her jewelry making projects and for various other handmade crafts that she enjoys. In particular, she’s used it to decorate polymer clay projects and even jewelry packaging! Visit her blog to be inspired.

6. DIY Wire Felt Bead Necklace

Over at FRK HANSEN, you’ll find an awesome mixed media wire and felt beaded necklace which reminds me of orbiting planets! In case you want to make this, there is also a helpful tutorial that explains exactly how to do it yourself.

7. DIY Epoxy Statement Necklace

Emma from A Beautiful Mess posted a tutorial on how to turn your photos into beads using epoxy resin so that you can use them to make jewelry! In Emma’s article, there is a step by step guide on how to use your handmade epoxy beads to make a statement necklace.

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