Can You Put Essential Oils on Dyed Lava Rock Beads?

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to carry around the amazing fragrances we get from the oils we use at home, with us on the go. Applying them directly onto the skin allows the scent to wear off rather quickly. Fortunately, a solution to this would be creating a portable diffuser bracelet using porous beads like lava rock! In order to help you decide which beads work best for your needs, we’ve tested out four different types of lava rock using 1 drop of essential oil per bead.


Smooth lava rock beads work best with oil absorption. They soak up oil quickly and will not bleed or lose any color of the dye. However, they lose their scent the fastest and will have little to no scent at all after a week. The smooth beads we tested included:

  1. White: 8GR-LVS93-10
  2. Olive Green: 8GR-LVS94-10
  3. Light Green: 8GR-LVS12-10
  4. Honey Yellow: 8GR-LVS62-8
  5. Brick Red: 8GR-LVS10-8
  6. Mauve: 8GR-LVS11-10
  7. Light Blue: 8GR-LVS09-8


Waxed/natural lava rock takes the longest to absorb oil. The oil lays on the surface of the bead and doesn’t begin to really absorb product until at least an hour later. However, they hold their scent the longest and will hold a bit of it after a week. Beads used:

  1. Black: 8GR-LV0019-10

Glazed AND Unglazed lava rock have similar results as they both work well with absorbing oil but do tend to bleed and lose a bit of dye. Despite that, we have found that glazed beads are still able to hold a bit of a scent after a week, while the unglazed hold very little to none at all. Also, blue dyed beads tend to bleed the most in color. We wouldn’t recommend using these types of lava rock in diffuser jewelry unless they are taupe or neutral in color. Beads used included:

  1. Dark Red: 8GR-LV74-8
  2. Purple: 8GR-LV2408-8
  3. Fuchsia Pink: 8GR-LV5604-6
  4. Medium Green: 8GR-LV5602A-6
  5. Cherry Red: 8GR-LV5709-8
  6. Dark Blue: 8GR-LV81-10
  7. Blue: 8GR-LV26-4
  8. Navy Blue: 8GR-LV5601-4
  9. Taupe: 8GR-LV78-8 **does not bleed**

We hope our findings have helped you narrow down your choices for your diffuser jewelry! Check out the tutorial on our blog for step by step instructions to help you get started.




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  2. Do you have the lava beads in multicolor strands? The sizes I would want would be 6mm and 8 mm. I would want one strand of each size. Thank You.


  3. I was wondering what is a good source for the oils? I would assume you would want an all natural oil, not a synthetic one. Just curious I want to make some for my daughter.



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