Christmas Snowflake Peyote Stitch Bracelet Pattern

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We have something a little different for you today! We’ve created a Christmas inspired peyote stitch bracelet pattern for you to download and make ready for the festive season. In case you’re wondering what peyote stitch is, it’s a beading technique and you can get a feel for how to do it in this beadwork tutorial we published earlier in the year!

Our pattern for today uses the flat odd count peyote stitch technique which is slightly different to flat even count peyote stitch.

Materials needed:

  • 2 x different colors of Miyuki Delicas or Toho Treasures size 11/0
  • Beading needle in size 10 or 12
  • Beading thread e.g. Nymo in a similar color to your beads
  • Clasp finding (optional)

For this bracelet pattern, to keep things easy, we’ve suggested using just two colors so that those pretty snowflakes will stand out. Using red or blue for the background and white for the snowflakes will work really well. You can use either Miyuki Delicas or Toho Treasures in size 11/0 for this pattern – they are both very similar cylinder shaped beads.

This peyote stitch pattern will make a bracelet that is 1.22 inches wide and 6.51 inches in length – a standard size to fit most wrists. But don’t worry if your wrist is bigger or smaller than this! You can just add or reduce a couple of rows at either end in your background color to modify the pattern.

To finish the bracelet off, you can either make a beaded toggle clasp like these ones or simply attach any other type of clasp by sewing it directly into both ends of your beadwork using additional cylinder beads. This pattern also works well with 13mm flat ribbon ends which you can glue into place using jewelry glue at either end of the bracelet.

Ready to start creating your Christmas bracelet?

Download this pattern for free here!

We hope you enjoy our free beadwork pattern! Please take a moment to share this on social media.

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