Colorful Diagonal Bracelet Beadweaving Pattern – Right Angle Weave Stitch

We’re pleased to bring you another beadweaving pattern today which you can download free for your personal use! This colorful diagonal pattern uses 3 bead right angle weave (RAW) stitch, which can be used on its own or in conjunction with other stitches to create many different variations of beaded bracelets.

You’ll need the following materials to make this colorful bracelet:

  • Size 11/0 – Toho Round Seed Beads in 3 different colors – we’d recommend gold, turquoise and pink.
  • Nymo beading thread in light tan.
  • Size 10 or 12 beading needle
  • Clasp (optional)
  • Scissors


Our Toho Round Seed Beads work better for this type of pattern than Toho Treasures which are a cylinder shape. By using round seed beads, you’ll see that each bead will sit neatly next to neighboring beads without too much thread showing through.

In case you missed our tutorial on Right Angle Weave Stitch, you can familiarize yourself with it here before you begin. This pattern makes a colorful cuff bracelet that’s just over 6 inches long to fit the average size wrist and almost 2 inches wide.

If you’d like your bracelet to be longer or shorter than this size, simply decrease or increase a row at each end of the pattern.

Because this pattern uses 3 beads between each turn, you’ll notice a netted effect starting to form. This effect looks beautiful on its own for a bracelet but it’s also easy to add embellishments too.




You could place faceted round fire polished beads in each of the “square windows” by sewing them in from one corner to the opposite corner in each square. (Only embellish once you’ve completely finished your right angle weave bracelet pattern).

To finish off your bracelet, you can either make a beaded clasp or add a toggle clasp by sewing it into your beadwork at each end.

To get started, download this free beadweaving pattern here!

We hope you enjoy this free beadweaving pattern! You might also want to check out our Diamond and Christmas Snowflake Peyote Stitch patterns too.


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