Diamond Peyote Stitch Bracelet Pattern – Free Download!

We have another fun project for you to make today – this is our diamond pattern for a peyote stitch beaded cuff bracelet! You can download this pattern for free and get started right away! The great thing about beadwork projects like this one is that not many materials are required.

All you’ll need to make this bracelet are the following beads and supplies:


This pattern uses the odd count peyote stitch technique as there are 23 beads in each row. The technique is similar to flat even count peyote stitch, except for the way the pattern steps up to the next row.

This pattern uses three colors but you could get away with using just two if you prefer. Simply replace the lilac colored beads with white or turquoise ones! In terms of the beads we’ve suggested for this pattern, there are two different types of finishes – opaque and galvanized. In a bracelet like this, the contrast between the two finishes works really well. For example, the galvanized lilac seed beads are used to line the diamond shapes to make them pop out!

This bracelet is just over 6 inches long and is designed to fit the average sized wrist. But if your wrist is bigger or smaller than this, you can adjust the pattern at both ends by adding or decreasing another diamond or half diamond section.




It’s worth checking before you start how long your bracelet will be once the clasp is attached in case you need to alter the pattern slightly. Some clasps are bigger than others, especially if you intend to make a beaded clasp, so this may affect the size of your bracelet when finished. If you don’t want to make a beaded clasp, you could attach flat ribbon ends with a metal clasp instead.

Want to start beading? Download this pattern for free here!

We hope you enjoy making this project from our diamond peyote stitch pattern! You may also want to check out our free Christmas snowflake peyote stitch pattern too.

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