DIY Beaded Charm Bracelet Project for Valentine’s Day

We have another jewelry-making tutorial for you today! Find out how to make this cute beaded charm bracelet which is just perfect to wear for Valentine’s Day. This is a great project for beginners and is a lot of fun to make!

The great thing about making a beaded charm bracelet like this one is that you can be really creative and use beads that are all different shapes and sizes! As this charm bracelet is inspired by Valentine’s Day, we’ve chosen to use red and pink beads along with silver charms.

For this tutorial, you’ll need the following materials:


Steps 1 and 2

Once you have your bracelet chain ready (measure out enough chain to fit your wrist if you don’t have a ready-made chain), begin making several beaded components.

To make a beaded component, slide 1 seed bead, 1 x larger bead and 1 x seed bead onto a headpin. Use your round nose pliers to bend the headpin wire over to one side as shown in step 1.

Trim the wire to around 1cm in length and then make a loop with your pliers – but don’t close the loop as shown in step 2. Put your beaded component to one side for later.


Step 3

Bead caps can really dress up your beads – if you are using bead caps for some of your components, just slide them onto your headpin before adding your bead. (You can use just one bead cap on one side of your bead if you prefer.)

You may need to gently bend the bead caps inwards to fit your bead snugly. Add seed beads onto your headpin for extra decoration! Then make a loop in the headpin as before (without closing up the loop).

Make as many beaded components as you need to attach to the links in your bracelet chain. You could either make enough for one or two beaded components per link or even more for a fuller, chunkier charm bracelet!

Step 4

After you’ve made your beaded components, put them to one side and start preparing your heart charms. Attach a jump ring to each one that you want to use. Don’t close up the loops though just yet!


Step 5

Now that you have your beaded components and heart charms made up, it’s time to attach them. At this stage, it’s a good idea to lay out your bracelet chain and decide where you want to place your beaded components before attaching them. Start with the heart charms as show in step 5.

Step 6

Once you have your heart charms laid out as you’d like them, it’s time to attach them to the chain links. Use your round nose and flat nose pliers to close up those jump rings once they are attached to the chain.


Steps 7 and 8

With the rest of your beaded components, simply attach them where you’d like them! You can either choose to follow some kind of pattern, or add them randomly, whichever you’d prefer!

Once you’ve finished, give your bracelet a little shake to make sure your charms are dangling as they should be – you can always swap a few around if need be at this stage.

We hope you enjoyed this jewelry-making tutorial and that you’ll love wearing your finished bracelet this Valentine’s Day! Why not make one for a friend too? Don’t forget, you can make your beaded charm bracelet with any type or color of beads.

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