DIY Earring Tutorial – Fall Leaves & Berries

We have a beautiful fall-inspired jewelry-making tutorial for you today! Learn how to make these gorgeous leaves and berries earrings using Czech glass leaf beads, red crystal bicone beads and a selection of gold plated jewelry findings.

These earrings are fun to make and are ideal for both beginners and intermediate level beaders.

To make these earrings, you’ll need the following materials:


Using your pliers, attach 6 gold plated jump rings together by opening and closing them to connect them into a small chain as shown in this picture above.

Because these earrings can be a bit fiddly to make, it’s easier to attach an earwire at this point to one end so you can see which end will be the top part of the earring. Attach one of the leaves to the bottom jump ring (the 6th jump ring that’s already in place).


Working upwards, miss out one jump ring and then attach two leaves (whichever color you like) to the 4th jump ring in the chain, on either side of the ring. Use extra jump rings to connect these ones as shown in the picture above. This will ensure these leaves cascade nicely a bit later on!

Attach more leaf beads to the next two jump rings in the chain, without missing one out this time. This will be the 2nd and 3rd jump rings that you’ll be connecting into – one leaf bead per jump ring, on opposite sides as shown above. This will create a random draping effect instead of being too symmetrical! Use extra jump rings again to connect these ones.


At this point, cut off three small pieces of gold plated chain and make them all the same length. For this tutorial, we made our chain long enough to drape down under the bottom leaf bead. There are 25 links in our chain, just in case you want to be precise with your measurements!

The three pieces of chain are for each earring – so make another set of three for your second earring component.

Remove the earwire temporarily from the 1st jump ring and connect one of the chain strands onto that ring. Replace the earwire afterwards, this will mean that the chain will lie nicely against the back of the beads when this project is completed.


Attach the remaining two pieces of chain to two separate leaf beads, connecting the chain to the bead with a jump ring. You’ll be using these two leaf beads with chain in the next step!

Attach the two leaf beads with chain strands to either side of that top jump ring – ring no. 1. The leaf part of your earring is now completed. Now onto adding some beautiful berries!

Slide a red crystal bead onto one of your gold plated headpins and use your pliers to make a loop. Attach it to the tiny loop at the bottom of your earwire, like in this picture above. This will be your first berry.


Repeat step 9 two more times and attach your “berries” to the 1st and 2nd jump rings in the original chain that you made earlier. This will ensure that there’s a little space left between your berries. When you’ve done this, your earrings will be complete!

We hope you enjoyed this fall-inspired jewelry-making tutorial. Don’t forget to check out all of our other tutorials on our website for more inspiration!




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