DIY Felt Back Statement Earrings for New Year’s Party

Bringing in the new year has to be one of our favorite times to celebrate! With all of the possibilities, the fresh year brings us confidence and some of us get inspired to set some resolutions in motion. These earrings we’re making today are ideal for those who want to be a little wilder and more wonderful next year.

Of course, you can make your jewel choices a little smaller and come up with a simpler, more mini design, for sparkle without the OMG. Colors and patterns are also completely down to you and you could make identical earrings if you wanted to, we just loved adding to the whimsy with a mismatched pair.

Statement is in fact an understatement when it comes to these large, bejewelled beauties – they’re definitely saying “get your glad rags on and pop on your sparkliest accessories this new year’s eve!”

Tools and Materials:

  • Felt
  • Scissors (fabric scissors are probably the best)
  • Jewel cabochons
  • Relatively strong glue
  • Stud earring backs (you could use clip-ons if you don’t have pierced ears)


 Step 1:

Lay out your jewels in a design you are happy with for an earring. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have enough jewels to keep your design the same for each one, just go crazy and let your inner wild child out!

 Step 2:

Glue your gemstone layout onto some felt – we chose black to help make the colors stand out even more.

 Step 3:

If you feel you have any gaps you aren’t happy with, feel free to fill spaces in with more glitz – the more the merrier.


 Step 4:

Once the glue has dried and your gems are well stuck onto the felt, you can carefully cut around them. Make sure to leave an even border of felt around the jewels – not too big though, you want the gemstones to make the biggest impact.


 Step 5:

Use your glue (the stronger the better) to attach stud earring posts (or clip-on backs) to the back of your earring design. Make sure this glue is completely dry before trying your new accessories on for size.

Now go forth and show off your handmade statement earrings at your new year’s eve party. You can be assured that no one else will be rocking such awesome accessories #trendsetter!


 Extra Sparkly Inspo:

  • Use sequin trim to create an interesting design on your felt instead of jewels
  • Add beads or sequins around the edge of your gems before cutting them out
  • Create a matching collar necklace using the same technique – all you’ll need are some eyelets, jump rings and a fastening to attach some chain either side to complete your necklace.
  • If you’re not feeling the felt, use faux leather or suede – bear in mind this will add more weight to your earrings

Make your new year a sparkly one with your own fabulous jewelled earrings – just make sure to share a pic with us! Also, if you set one new year’s resolution this year, make it a crafty one and check out all of our stunning tutorials on our blog – there’s plenty of inspiration there!




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