DIY Halloween Blood Drip Choker

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to make something spooky, so here you have a beaded blood drip choker necklace – perfect for adding some glamorous gore to your Halloween costume!

Tools & Materials


Step 1

Start by making little bails for your teardrop shaped beads. We used a method that could also be used to wire wrap a bail for a briolette pendant, just on a smaller scale. Use a wire that is strong but pliable for wrapping – it is a little fiddly, so you will want to be careful with how much you bend your wire.

Start by putting the wire through the top of your teardrop bead, leaving one side longer than the other. Wrap the shorter wire around the longer wire in a spiral style. Then use round nosed pliers to coil up the longer wire (you may find that you need to trim more off the long wire to get a nice amount of loops – about 3 looks good)

Do this to as many drops as you like. We made 5 drops with bails – 2 small and 3 large.

NOTE: If you are using teardrop beads which have holes from top to bottom, you can simply use flat head posts/pins and create loops at the top.

Step 2

You’ll need some extra drops to make the drips varying lengths, so use wire or a post to make beads with loops on either side. Use round nose pliers here to make them neat.


If you have multiple larger sized red beads, this is a great time to use them! Just make sure your beads aren’t bigger than the drops. You can create a graduated effect with more than one size.

Step 3

Attach the teardrops to the looped beads to create different lengths of “drips”. You might want to lay out your beads to decide where you want each section to lie before piecing them together.

Step 4

Cut yourself a length of tigertail that will fit around your neck, plus a bit of length either side for attaching crimps and crimp covers.

Attach a crimp to one end of your tigertail and cover it with a calotte (crimp cover) before starting to bead the choker row.


Step 5

Get beading your necklace! You can randomize the sizes of bead you use, but make sure to use larger ones either side of your blood drip beads. Space out your drip sections randomly to make it look more realistic.

You could even add some drip beads into the choker beading for extra gore!


Step 6

Once you’ve finished beading the row, crimp the end (adding your crimp cover), trim off the excess tigertail and attach your fastening and extender chain.

Now you have a creepy cool choker to wear this Halloween – perfect if you’re dressing up as a ghost or ghoul, or if you just like to keep your All Hallows Eve costume more fancy than freaky! To dial up the glam, you could use faceted beads for a sparkling spooky choker necklace.




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