DIY Independence Day Themed Bracelet Tutorial

In celebration of July 4th, we have an Independence Day themed bracelet tutorial for you today! This bracelet uses memory wire, a selection of seed beads and charms. Memory wire is a good material to use for bracelets because it can be adjusted to size simply by stretching out or squashing together the wire to form bigger or smaller loops!

In this bracelet tutorial, we’ve created an American flag pattern by using red and white seed beads for the stripes along with blue and white seed beads for the stars.

You’ll need the following materials for this project:


Cut your memory wire roughly to the desired length – if in doubt, leave more coils on than you need as you can always trim it afterwards. Make a loop at one end of the wire with your round nose pliers. You’ll be sliding the seed beads on from the other end and this loop will provide a stop point so that your beads won’t fall off.

Start by making the red and white stripes for your bracelet. We threaded on 80 red seed beads, followed by 80 white seed beads and repeated until we had enough stripes. You can make your stripes smaller or larger if you like! Keep sliding the seed beads down the coils until they reach the stop loop at the other end.


Once you’ve made enough stripes, you can move onto the stars part of the pattern. To make this section, we threaded on 5 blue seed beads, followed by two white seed beads to represent the stars. Repeat this pattern until you have 50 white stars! You could always use larger seed beads for the white stars if you prefer.

When you’ve finished the stars part of the pattern, trim off any excess memory wire with your wire cutters, leaving around 1cm so that you can make a loop. Use your round nose pliers to form the loop, securing it tightly against the last seed bead to stop it from sliding off.


To finish off your bracelet, add the star charm to one of the loops. (If you prefer, you can add charms to both of the end loops.) Use your round nose pliers and flat nose pliers to open the jump ring and attach it to the charm and the end loop. Close the jump ring with your pliers.

There you have it – an easy and very patriotic DIY Independence Day themed bracelet!

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