DIY Infinity T-shirt Necklace

We all have old t-shirts somewhere at the back of our drawers, so why not make something fun and pretty out of them? This is a really simple tutorial to follow and the results are super cool – you can customize your own infinity necklace as much as you please and you can even add more to it to make an infinity scarf! So have fun with this DIY infinity t-shirt necklace.

Tools and materials

  • Old (unwanted) t-shirt
  • Fabric scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat

Optional Extras

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Beads


Step 1

Lay your t-shirt out flat on the cutting mat and use your scissors or rotary cutter to cut away the bottom of the t-shirt – from under the arms.

Step 2


Next, remove the seam from the bottom of the t-shirt and put it to the side (you’ll need it later)

Step 3

Use your rotary cutter or scissors to create equally spaced strips of your fabric. Don’t go all the way through to the other side, you’ll want about an inch left.

Step 4


Pull each strip gently at first to get them to start curling up. Work your way around each strip of fabric pulling (curling) as you go.

You’ll be left with something that looks like this!

The bigger your tshirt was to begin with, the longer your necklace strands will be.

Step 5

Gather the strips together using the section that didn’t get cut. If your necklace rows are long enough, you could tie or sew the ends together to make a shorter, fuller necklace.

Step 6


If you’re making your necklace in the same way as we did, then you’ll need to grab that bottom hem to wrap around the uncut section. Wrap around leaving a little tail so you can tie it off.

Tuck in the loose ends and you have your basic necklace.

Step 7


We wanted to add a little more to our design, so grabbed some huge beads to thread onto the rows.

If you want to add beads then you will need to cut into the row – cutting out the seam is a great idea. Thread the bead onto the row then sew it back up neatly. You can slide the bead over the sewing if you feel it needs hiding.

Place beads in different places on different strands to create a balanced look. You could add any sort of bead, as long as the hole is big enough. Wire wrapped beads would look beautiful!




To really make this t-shirt necklace your own, try putting an extra twist on this design:

  • Use two different colored t-shirts.
  • Add tassels on the rows.
  • Use a bigger t-shirt and make a longer necklace or scarf.
  • Cut all the way through the t-shirt when making strips and use each loop as a row. Add cord caps on the ends and attach a fastening.
  • Use a contrasting fabric to hide the uncut section and make a feature out of it. Leather, a different color t-shirt fabric or some sequin/glitter fabric would look really cool!

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