DIY Multi-Strand Knotted Bracelet Project

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create an easy knotted bracelet with beads and a button closure. This is a really quick project to make and you can use any cord type as long as the beads you’re using have large enough holes so that the cord fits through. This project doesn’t require any special tools, other than a pair of scissors!

To begin, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Cord (hemp, leather, cotton or jute)
  • Selection of beads with large holes
  • Button with shank
  • Scissors

Cut three lengths of cord to the same size, each one around 40 inches. It’s best to leave plenty of length as you’ll be knotting it throughout which will reduce the size as you go along. Thread the three cord ends through the button shank and tie an overhand knot.

Pull the knot as tight as you can and trim off the excess cord right next to the knot. If you’re worried about the knot coming loose, you can just dab on a little bit of clear jewelry glue onto the knot itself.

Measure your wrist so you have an idea of how long you want your bracelet to be. Onto each of your three strands thread on one bead, spacing them out to create a layered effect. Then tie another overhand knot to secure them into place.

Using three more beads, do the same again to create the second beaded segment of this bracelet. Tie another overhand knot at the end. Keep checking the bracelet against your wrist in case you need to move the knot further away if you want the size to be longer.

Repeat the last step so that you have another three beads on the cord and tie another overhand knot at the end to secure them.

Depending on the size of beads that you’re using and the length that you want your bracelet to be, you may wish to add in another beaded section at this stage.

When you’re happy with the length of your bracelet, you can go ahead and make the closure. Make a loop with the cord (check that the button will fit through) and then make another overhand knot to fix it into place. Trim off the excess cord with scissors close to the knot and add a dab of glue if you want to!

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  1. Solomon Dimlong Reply

    Am chating from plateau state Nigeria,please how do i get various bead/bracelet materials?. I want to start running the business.. Any idea or contacts pls



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