DIY Super Beady Star Decoration!

This ultra-beady delight makes the perfect ornament for your tree, your door handle or anywhere you fancy! Hang this colorful, fun design in your home at Christmas and enjoy all of the compliments you will receive from your festive guests.

Tools & Materials

  • Thick and sturdy wire
  • Thin and soft wire (make sure it fits through your beads’ holes)
  • Beads. You can use your own leftover beads or buy an inexpensive bead assortment.
  • Ribbon, string, or twine
  • Wire cutters
  • Jewelry pliers


Step 1

Start by shaping a decorative curl in your thick wire. You could use round nose pliers to make the initial curl, then use flat nose pliers with non-serrated jaw to carefully form the spiral. If your wire is a little softer and more malleable, you could do this by hand.

Step 2


Next, use your pliers to form the points of your star – round nose pliers are great for making neat points.

One of the easiest ways to make your star-shaped frame is to create even zig-zags first, to ensure the points of your star are all even in size.

Step 3

Connect the loose wire end to the top, next to the swirl – wrap a neat spiral to hold it in place. Make sure you are happy with the shape of your star before your begin wrapping the beads onto the frame.

Step 4


Trim off the excess wire and form a neat curl to match your first one. You now have your star shape ready to add all of the lovely beads on.

You might want to plan your beads out carefully, or you could just go into it and add a variety of colors as you wrap (the results are going to be lovely whatever you decide to do).

Step 5

Cut a good length of your thin wire (it doesn’t matter if this doesn’t end up covering the entire star, it’s easy to add more on later) and wrap it onto the star with a neat spiral. Thread a few beads onto the thin wire – you can wrap with multiple beads, or thread each bead on one by one.

Step 6


Get wrapping!

The beads are all placed onto the top layer, with bare wire to the back. You can overlap the beads across the middle, just make sure to fill as many gaps as possible with beads.

If you do run out of wire, you can just wrap the tail end around the star frame with a neat spiral. Then start a new wire in the same way before continuing with your beads.

Step 7

Use a ribbon, cord or twine of some sort (your choice) to create a larks head knot around the top curl. Now you can hang your star anywhere you please!

This would make a really great gift idea for someone special and you could personalize it with your own choice of colors – perfect if you know they have a specific theme when it comes to festive decorations. A fab idea would be to make them a bit smaller and create multiples to deck out your own tree this year!

You don’t have to make a star shape either, you could try a tree, a heart or something else instead. This might require some more clever wire wrapping depending on the shape, but once you get into the swing of it, this DIY is really quite simple to make. Have fun!




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