DIY Upcycled Bangle Dreamcatcher

Many of us have old pieces of jewelry lying around that we don’t wear anymore, but we don’t want to throw out. So why not do a bit of upcycling? Bangles are the perfect jewelry item to repurpose since there are plenty of ways to do so. In this post, we’re going to look at making our old bangle into a dreamcatcher!

The style and coloring of your bangle dreamcatcher will completely depend on your own personal taste, so go wild and make something that you really love!

Tools & Materials


Step 1

Wrap your bangle in your chosen ribbon (you could use twine or thread instead if you prefer). Use glue or double sided sticky tape to hold the ribbon in place before you start wrapping and then again once you have covered the entire bangle. We used twine, so we tied it on and glued it for extra security then also tied a knot after the wrapping was complete.

If you like the look of your bangle, there’s really no need to wrap it if you don’t want to.

Step 2

Next we’ll be making the web of the dreamcatcher. This can be a little tricky, so make sure to be careful with your spacing and tension.


2a) Tie your thread onto the hoop with a neat, secure knot. You could add glue if you wanted to add some extra stability.

2b) Take the thread around behind the hoop and bring the tail end back through under and over the thread to create a loop (not a knot, but still secure).

2c) Repeat this leaving even spacing between each loop. Once you meet back up with the starting knot, create the loop in the center of the taught thread you created. You could add small beads onto your web thread if you want to add a bit of extra decoration or sparkle.


2d) Work your way into the middle until you have no space left. Tie a secure knot in the very center and you can cover this with a bead if you would like – it does look a little nicer than a big knot.

Step 3


Once you have completed the web, you can use ribbon (or thread, or twine) to create a lark’s head knot and a loop so you can hang up your dreamcatcher.

Step 4


Next, attach the feathers to the bottom of your dreamcatcher using thread (or twine, or ribbon). Use simple knots to attach the feathers to the ends of threads – these can be different lengths to make the feathers hang at different levels. You could even add beads and charms to disguise the knots a little more. This is where you can really create something special!

Step 5

Hang your dreamcatcher near your bed or in the window in your bedroom and let the web catch all of the dreams and let them slide down the feathers and into your mind while you sleep. Bad dreams will be caught up in the web, so you shouldn’t be having any nightmares with your new, beautiful dreamcatcher.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could go about making multiple webs with more bangles and create a larger dreamcatcher by attaching them all together. If you do happen to have any hoops of any size lying around, then you could create multiple sizes!

Traditionally, dreamcatchers are made entirely from natural objects, so if you do want to make yours a little more authentic, try using leather, real found feathers and shells.

Have fun making your dreamcatchers – they make great gifts too!




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