Easy Macrame Crystal Pendant

Crystal pendants look gorgeous with pretty much every outfit and there are a ton of ways to add these gemstone beauties to your jewelry repertoire. Today, we’re focusing on this really simple macrame crystal pendant. Before you run off – the macrame we’re talking about is some of the easiest you could do and it doesn’t require you to have a certificate in macrame to make it!

Tools and Materials


Step 1

Choose the crystal you’d like to wrap and then cut 4 equal strands of your cord or thread. We used a 10g pearl cotton thread to make ours.

Step 2

Measure up one of the strands to fit around the base of your crystal (if you’re using a polished stone, make sure the loop will hold the crystal securely – won’t slip through it). Tie an overhand knot to make the loop.


Step 3

With the 3 other strands you cut, you want to use lark’s head knots to attach them to the loop. Place them to make a neat square shape.

Step 4

Split the two threads created by the knots and take one from each neighboring thread and make an overhand knot. You will end up with a triangle shape from each side of the square.


Step 5

Repeat this step until you have enough knots to hold the crystal nicely.

Step 6

Tie an overhand knot with all of the threads as tightly and close to your crystal as you can. If it is a teeny bit loose, don’t worry – as long as the crystal has no way of slipping out, it will be totally fine!


Step 7

Create square knots to make up the loop for the pendant bail. Check out our DIY Woven Dog Collar post for a more in depth look at creating square knots.

To create square knots, you will only use 2 of the 8 strands and the knots will form around the 6 central strands.

Step 8

Once you have enough to make a loop (choose whichever size suits) create a square knot around the entire bail to hold the loop.

Step 9

Put glue on the 6 strands at the back and make sure to glue underneath too. Before this glue dries, create another square knot around the bail – this will be over the top of the glue you just applied and give your pendant a stronger finish.


Step 10

Once the glue is dry, cut off the 6 loose strands at the back and then glue a little on each of the knotting strands – right at the sides. Leave this to dry before trimming off the excess thread.

You could make a bunch of these, each with one of your favorite crystals, so you can carry them with you wherever you go. Oh and you’ll look super awesome too! Your friends and family will no doubt be asking for you to make them one… or two.

Want to learn more about gems and crystals? This comprehensive guide will come in handy:

The Crystal Bible (The Crystal Bible Series) by Judy Hall

With striking photos of over 200 crystals and detailed descriptions of each stone, The Crystal Bible is the only guide you’ll need to clearly identify crystals.

Here is an example of a few crystals and their meanings:

  • Clear Quartz – this master healer is the perfect thing to carry with you every day
  • Rose Quartz – the stone of love that can help you to radiate warmth and attract love
  • Aventurine – this green stone is lucky and can attract exciting opportunities
  • Amethyst – a super calming stone to help overcome anxiety and stress
  • Citrine – the merchant’s stone that can help attract money into your life
  • Carnelian – this orange stone will boost your energy and help you to be super creative




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  2. Great post ! Thanks for sharing the tutorial for making the pendant. I would like to try it and would like to share it with my friends too. Keep posting such interesting articles with the readers.


  3. At last, instructions I can understand. I am lucky enough to possess a good variety of pretty cord, now I just need the confidence to give this a go!


  4. Love this! I’ve been doing a lot of practicing. Im having problem with my cord unwinding. I’ve tried many different kinds and I keep having the same problem. What type would you recommend?


    1. We recommend cotton thread since it is very soft and supple, so knots usually stay knotted 🙂 You probably tried to use nylon cord, which is more stiff and frays easily (you can burn the ends or use glue to secure them though).



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