Fall / Winter 2016 Jewelry Trends

Spring and summer 2016 saw the emergence of jewelry trends like the single bangle, metal body jewelry and raw stones. But what’s hot on the catwalks for fall and winter this year?

In this post, we explore the latest catwalk jewelry trends that you might see replications of in the high street stores. If you’re planning to make your own trendy jewelry this season, we hope this post will inspire you!

Strings of pearls

Pearls are a classic jewelry item that never seems to go out of fashion. For fall and winter season 2016, pearls are making more of a statement than ever before! They are being worn in long multiple strings in necklaces (see top image in the middle) but also as single strings in long earrings too.


Bracelets worn over sleeves

The single bangle is still popular, as are cuff bracelets and layered bracelets. Charm bracelets are also making an appearance this season too. One trend that really stands out though is bracelets being worn on the outside of clothing, either above the elbow or on the outside of gloves. (See example in the top image on the left hand side).

Punk / rebel jewelry

Black is back. Paired with chunky silver and metal jewelry, there’s a definite feeling of punk or rebel jewelry being revived on the catwalks this fall. Examples we noticed include body piercings, black chokers and silver chains worn layered between leather jackets and hoodies. (See top image on the right).

Safety pins

Another interesting trend this season is based on the most simple of household staples – the safety pin! They are being worn in necklaces with safety pins being connected to each other to make a chain and also as eye-catching statement earrings (see the bottom photo at the top right hand side).

Statement earrings

Since we’re on the subject of statement earrings, there are a number of trends to watch out for in this area. The single earring is making an appearance again, as are mismatched and oversized earrings too.

Across ear earrings that seem to float across the lower part of the ear lobe look amazing on the catwalks. Especially those made from dazzling crystals (pictured at the bottom left of the image below).

Oversized chokers

Chokers have been around for the best part of 500 years as a fashion icon and today they are still all the rage. This season, many chokers on the catwalks are large (see below image at the bottom right), sometimes made from fabric or chunky chain. They are also being worn with other necklaces layered on top.

We hope you enjoyed this post about jewelry trends for the coming season. If you’re planning to make your own versions of catwalk jewelry, don’t forget to check out our beads and supplies and send us your jewelry photos!

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*Image sources – Harpers Bazaar and Vogue

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