Felt, Fabric and Fiber Jewelry by Sherri Haab – Book Review

In today’s post, we’re reviewing “Felt, Fabric and Fiber Jewelry” by best-selling craft author Sherri Haab. This book is made up of twenty unique jewelry-making projects made out of fabric, ribbon, beads, cord, wire, buttons and more.

This book is aimed at anyone who likes experimenting with mixed media jewelry and those who enjoy using needlework techniques such as sewing, quilting, crochet, embroidery and felting.

Felt, Fabric and Fiber Jewelry – content overview

This book is laid out in two main sections. The first part gives an overview on the basic things you’ll need to know about different materials and tools needed throughout the book.

This first section is helpful for beginners – the explanation of the different types of adhesives and sealants that work well for textiles and fibers is particularly useful.



The second part of the book is dedicated to jewelry-making projects. In terms of projects, these are broken down into the following categories:


There a couple of projects at the beginning of the book which are suited to those people who prefer not to sew. The projects here are created using fabric and adhesives.

Sewing and quilting

The projects in this section can be hand sewn or machine sewn. Projects include ribbon flower pins, mixed media fabric charms and quilted cuff bracelets.

Embroidery and appliqué

There is a basic overview of embroidery stitches at the beginning of this section and the projects include embroidered rings, an embellished appliqué necklace along with a heat-etched velvet and ribbon cuff bracelet.


There is a helpful overview of the differences between wet and needle felting before the projects in this section begin. Tutorials include a felt flower necklace (the one on the front cover of the book), a felted bead bracelet and a needle-felted heart pendant.

Crochet and hook

Like in the embroidery section, there is an introduction to crochet stitches here. The introduction is well-detailed with plenty of pictures to show how to do the stitches. Projects include a crocheted choker, a crocheted flowers wristband and a crocheted wire bracelet and necklace.

Knotting and braiding

This section looks at knotting and braiding as a way to make jewelry. The tutorials here are influenced by macramé knots and ancient braiding techniques. Projects include a tatted ring bracelet, braided cord necklace with polymer clay pendant, woven metal thread bracelets and a macramé bracelet.

Felt, Fabric and Fiber Jewelry – the pros

There are some really beautiful jewelry projects to make in this book and there is something to make no matter what level you’re at when it comes to needlework techniques. For example, if you’re not into sewing at all, there are some no-sew, knotting and braiding and felting projects to choose from.

If you’re looking to perfect your needlework techniques, you’ll be able to get plenty of practice in doing so, as many of these projects incorporate different stitches to further develop learning.

Each of the projects in this book are relatively quick to make – always a bonus if you like to make a variety of projects, as you won’t need to spend too long on each one.

Despite using some traditional and ancient techniques to make these projects, each one has a definitive contemporary and even quirky feel about them. These are interesting projects to make.

Felt, Fabric and Fiber Jewelry – considerations

The author states in the book that most of the tools needed could probably be found in your craft box; however this might not be the case. Some projects involve using a Japanese screw punch and heat tools including a glass mat and creative textile tool.

With that said many of the projects can be done with standard tools and supplies such as sewing needles, crochet hooks, thread, fabric, beads and buttons.

In summary

Making jewelry from non-conventional materials such as fabric, felt and fibers is an age old process and one that fully deserves to be valued just as much as the process of conventional jewelry-making.

We think that on the whole, this book is a good one to have in your collection, not least because of the instructions on different techniques housed in just one book. Aside from that, the jewelry-making projects included within are sure to inspire your creativity as they are unusual and simply beautiful to look at!

You can find Felt, Fabric and Fiber Jewelry by Sherri Haab on Amazon. Before you go, you might be interested to read our other jewelry-making book reviews!

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