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    So I recently got a bunch of those mirrored squares hoping to make wall hanging strands like the ones pictured below but I have yet to find a glue that is non-toxic that will actually hold them in place.

    Anyone know a good method or glue to make this work? I have even tried super glue and it just don’t stay put. It needs to be thick enough to hold the fine wire in place and be sandwiched between the two mirrors.

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    This looks like a really cool idea. But I`m not really sure what to recommend you. As far as I know, there is no glue strong enough to hold something like this in place. There is just too much weight on those strands.

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    Katy, they are not necessarily glass… could be acrylic or something similar that’s lightweight. But I don’t know any non-toxic glues either.

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    …oh, and another important thing is that the glue shouldn’t ruin the foil or whatever is used to create the mirror effect.

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