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    Does anybody know how to clean lava beads? I dropped my bracelet and the lava beads, porous as they are, seem to have absorbed some dirt. It is my favorite and I really don’t want to throw it away… Help?

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    You can give them a wash in hot water with dish soap. Use a toothbrush or makeup brush to remove debris from the beads. Some lava rock beads are coated in wax so that they appear quenched and darker as opposed to dry and ashy. So just keep that in mind because cleaning the beads will remove the wax that gives the stone such a nice look. I washed mine not knowing this and I don’t like the beads at all now without the wax coating.

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    Deborah Smith

    Are the white lava beads (8GR-LV6701-8) waxed? They seem to have a much smoother surface than the cheaper white lava beads. If waxed, do they discolor when essential oils are applied? If they do, is there any way to prevent this other than using colorless oils?

    Also, how soon will 10FJR-032-8 be back in stock?

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    Hi Deborah,

    The 8GR-LV6701-8 lava beads are not waxed. I don’t think white lava beads will discolor; see this blog post for more info:

    The 10FJR-032-8 beads are already in stock.

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