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    Anyone know any cool crafts you can do with water bottles? I drink bottled water and go through so many bottles. I would love to recycle them on my own terms and use them for something. I was thinking of something outdoors. I did find some bird feeders but I want to use them on a larger scale. Any ideas?

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    That sound like a real challenge! I imagine the edges would be sharp when cut.

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    Yeah cutting them can be a pain but most bottles are those thinner ones now so it isn’t as hard. I did find this which could be interesting:

    People are using water bottles to make room and space dividers.

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    Wow. That is an excellent idea. And it`s not just with water bottles. Almost any kind of drink comes in a plastic bottle nowadays. If you could collect enough, you would have a ton of material to create something awesome out of it.

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    Crazy what someone can do if they are creative enough. It is also a really nice way to re-use those bottles for something. Awesome.



    That looks really cool! Very modern!

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    Talking about a cool office space. Very nice. I have to convince my boss to allow me to re-organize my office like that. 😀


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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