Free Beadweaving Pattern for a Peyote Stitch Ring

We have another free beadweaving pattern for you today, for a peyote stitch beaded ring! This is a striking triangular pattern that uses three different colors.

Peyote stitch rings are easy and fun projects to make. Today’s project is suitable for beginner level beaders. You’ll only need a few supplies, as follows:


Our pattern here uses the flat odd count peyote stitch technique. If you’re not sure how to do flat odd count peyote stitch, check out this tutorial first where we made a peyote stitch ring especially for Independence Day. You’ll find step by step photos and another free pattern to download within the article!

To begin, you’ll need to pick up 9 beads (7 x mauve and 2 x turquoise) which will form the first 2 rows of your beadwork. Follow the chart in our pattern to see which beads you need to pick up and when.




Because this pattern is repetitive, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Watch out for the gold seed beads that we’ve added here and there to make your peyote stitch ring sparkle!

When made up, this beaded ring is around 2.34 inches long and around half an inch wide. The best thing about making peyote stitch rings is that you simply join the ends together by sewing through the beads. No extra fittings involved!

Ready to start beading? Download our free triangular pattern for a peyote stitch ring here!

Before you go, you might want to check out our other free beadweaving patterns in the tutorials section of our blog. Like this post?

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