Make a Gorgeous Giftable Gemstone Ring

You may have seen the memory wire wine glass charms on our blog, well, there are plenty more giftable projects you can create with that kind of wire. The ring sized wire (aptly named) can be used to create a multitude of ring designs as you can choose which beads and how many rows you want to use.

In this post, we’re going to be showing you how to make a gemstone chip ring which would make a perfect gift for a loved one at Christmas!

Gemstone Chip Beads

These are pretty easy to come by (check out our selection of crystal chip beads here) and can be used for so many gorgeous DIY projects. These irregular shaped beads make use of pieces of stone that may have otherwise been discarded – each one is unique in shape and size, so you can make some really pretty, organic-looking jewelry.

You will more than likely have seen gemstone chip bracelets. These are very popular and are a great way to wear semi-precious crystals without having to spend a fortune on an elaborately designed necklace or bracelet.

You could consider the properties of the crystal you choose to bring some healing energy to the giftee of your gemstone chip ring, but choosing a color which will match their aesthetic is just as good an idea!


Making a Memory Wire Gemstone Chip Ring

Let’s get into the fun part – making this beautiful piece of jewelry.

Step 1

Cut a length of your memory wire to however many “rows” you would like for your ring. We chose to create quite a chunky ring with 5 rows. Make sure to have the 2 ends to the back of your design so they are not seen when the ring is worn.

IMPORTANT TIP: Use cutters which have been specially made for this type of wire – memory wire is extremely tough and might put dints into your regular cutters.

Step 2


Use strong pliers to fold the end of the wire spiral back on itself – this will hold your beaded design onto the wire (we don’t want the beads sliding straight off the end!

Step 3

Start beading your design onto the spiral. Pull your beads all the way around to the end every so often to check how much space you have left. We wanted the gem chips to be at the very top/front of the ring, so we made sure to add them at the correct spacing.

You don’t want the gem chip beads to end up on the underside of the ring – this will be pretty uncomfortable to wear.

Step 4

Keep beading in the same way, checking your spacing, until you have filled the entire spiral.

Once the entire spiral is covered and you are happy with your design and placing, secure the end with another fold.

Be careful not to ping all of the seed beads off as you try to bend the wire around – it’s very stiff stuff!


This is a pretty “extra” design, so you might not be wearing it every day. Opt for less rows if you prefer your jewelry a little less statement.

You can try out any gemstone or even create a mixed stone ring – a different crystal for each of the chakras could look super pretty!




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  2. To whomever this concerns,
    I only have crafting wire. I don’t have memory wire and I have spent so much money this year and I have bought and sold things not long after. I don’t want to buy and sell things soon after any more or spend more money. I want to use what I have got. Can I use the crafting wire I already have? I can’t wait to hear your reply from you.


  3. Yes you can use a 20 gauge wire, and a wire mandrel to gauge where you would like your Gemstones to be. Good Luck and most of all have fun. Patty



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