Graduation Gift Jewelry Showcase

Graduating is a pivotal moment in many people’s lives, it opens the door to adulthood and a future full of possibilities. Congratulate and celebrate with a stunning, handmade jewelry gift which is sure to bring happiness and even luck to the recently graduated. With unique quotes, personalizable elements and beautiful designs, you’re sure to find something to suit your graduate!

Crystal Inspirations

Gemstone jewelry is a great way to empower and inspire post grads in their journeys – with so many choices of crystal to assist with different career or further study specialisms:

  • Medicine – peridot, amazonite, lapis lazuli
  • Creative – citrine, tiger’s eye, garnet, carnelian
  • Psychology – rose quartz, prehnite, selenite, rutilated quartz
  • Economics – aventurine, citrine, jade
  • Education – petrified wood, amethyst, peridot
  • Law – jasper, ruby, agate, onyx
  • Science – aquamarine, emerald, tourmaline
  • Technology – amazonite, smoky quartz, green aventurine


Here are a selection of gorgeous, handmade jewelry items which would make amazing gifts for those who are graduating this year:

She Believed She Could So She Did Bracelet by georgiedesigns

This quote is the perfect sentiment for a graduation gift and this delicate, engraved bracelet from georgiedesigns is sure to make any clever lady smile. The addition of charms is optional, but we think they’re a great way to personalize this jewelry to commemorate the special occasion.


Empowerment Gemstone Earrings by PeaceOfMyOwnMaking

Once graduation is over, the future is waiting, so these empowerment gemstone earrings would make a great gift for a graduating girl. Made from garnet, rhodonite and rose quartz, these earrings will inspire determination, confidence and positivity – perfect for manifesting a successful future.


Labradorite Gemstone Bar Necklace by ElevenDreams

This gorgeous necklace is made with delicate chain and dainty labradorite crystal beads, symbolising good fortune and perseverance – both very apt for well-wishing a newly graduated student. Available in 14k Goldfill or Sterling Silver chain, this necklace can be made to suit the giftee’s tastes.



Moonstone and Gold Teardrop Gemstone Earrings by roundabout

Moonstone is a gemstone which represents destiny – what better sentiment for a graduate. These beautiful teardrop earrings are simple in design, so sure to suit lots of ladies styles and the magical shifting colors in rainbow moonstone are just magical. Moonstone is also great for protection during travel, so if the giftee is moving away for college or to pursue their dreams, this would make the perfect gift!



Graduation Gift Personalized Stethoscope Necklace by CodeBlueJewlery

This quirky necklace is the perfect graduation gift for a med student and can be personalized with their name, which makes it all the more special. With choices for Sterling Silver, Rose Gold or 18k Gold Plating, you can buy a necklace which truly suits the future doctor’s style.


Metal Element Hematite Beaded Bracelet by TheGemNebula

Hematite is a great stone for stability and grounding which makes this handmade, beaded bracelet a superb gift for someone who is graduating and moving onto their next stage in life. This stone also helps absorb negativity and can be calming in times of stress – which adulthood can throw at all of us sometimes!


Spread Your Wings Peach Moonstone Pendant by wingedwomanart

The symbolism of a bird works so well for a graduation gift, as it is a moment when students are set free to take flight on their own path. This little Sterling Silver pendant depicts a bird in flight above a round, set peach moonstone. As mentioned above, moonstone represents destiny.



Personalized Graduation Cufflinks by dabbledesigns

Of course, we can’t forget the guys who will be graduating, so we’ve included these fab, personalizable cufflinks which are a great way to commemorate graduation day! Hand-stamped and oxidized for a more antique finish, these pewter drop cufflinks will go with any suit.


So there you have it, some really super ideas for gifts for your special ones. Graduation is a day to remember, so gifting something special just seems like a lovely idea – and jewelry is something you can hold on to forever!




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