Handmade Gifts Inspired by Fall Jewelry Trends 2015

Wouldn’t it be great if you could incorporate this season’s jewelry trends into the perfect handmade gift for someone special? In this post we hope to inspire you by showing you how you can put your own spin on the latest fashion trends and create your own perfectly fashionable and easy-to-make DIY gift.

Catwalk trends are known for flamboyancy and so many high street fashion stores like to interpret them in their own way to produce more mainstream versions that are equally beautiful, yet are more suitable for everyday or occasion wear.

This is what we’d suggest you think about when designing your own handmade gifts. Take a look below at some of the main jewelry trends we’ve spotted on the catwalks this fall and how we think you could use these trends to inspire your creativity!


1. The Return of the Pearl

Yes, the classic pearl is back! Always a beautiful gemstone, the pearl is being worn on the catwalks as twisted statement necklaces, earrings and ear cuffs and even as facial jewelry.

We love the Stella McCartney twisted pearl necklace (shown in our main image). You could try to recreate this by stringing pearls onto fairly strong jewelry wire and twisting it into the shape that you’d like.

Or you could create a pearl ear cuff in much the same way, by twisting together wire and pearls. Ear cuffs simply slot onto the ear lobe, so you wouldn’t need to worry about whether the recipient of your gift has pierced ears or not!

Sometimes, the simplest earrings are best though. You could make a simple set of pearl earrings like these ones below using ball pins, ear wires and of course your favorite pearls.

2. Shapes of the 80s

Inspired by retro 1980s fashion, we’re seeing lots of big, bold and bright shapes in terms of earrings, necklaces and brooches as part of the fall 2015 jewelry trends. The bigger the better!

You could make your own bright and bold earrings by attaching ear wires or ear posts to large buttons. We love these bright red fabric covered button earrings made by Janek Jewelry.

3. Long chains with pendants

Chunky chain was on trend back in the spring / summer of this year but for fall, we’ve noticed a more delicate version hitting the catwalks. Long slim chains with pendants, on their own or worn with layers are making a statement in a simple and classy way.

This is possibly one of the easiest things to make based on this season’s trends. Simple use thin chain to make a necklace, around 30 inches in length should work well. Then attach a pendant of your choice.


You could try pairing a long gold plated chain with our large gold plated cornflake disk charms for a stunning (and easy-to-make) DIY gift!

4. Everything fringe

Fringes are in no matter what the fashion accessory! Fringe statement necklaces made from chain or fabrics are hot right now. Fringe earrings are still making an appearance too and long chain fringe bracelets also caught our eyes (see trends image at the bottom of this post).

You could make a fringe statement necklace using a mixture of chain – one length for the necklace part itself and a thinner chain for the fringe. To make a chain fringe, simply cut varying lengths of chain with wire cutters and attach it to the links in the main necklace itself using jump rings as connectors.

If you’d prefer to make earrings, you can use pretty much the same materials! By the way, the single earring trend is still in, so for dedicated fashionistas, you could just make the one! We really like these chain fringe earrings by Fantastic ReVision which show how beautiful a chain fringe can look when paired with beads.

5. Bold chokers

Another trend that’s progressed since the spring is chokers. Thin, delicate chokers seem to be a thing of the past, having been replaced with strong, linear chokers that are wide and bold.


If you’re thinking about making a choker as a gift, you could consider using leather materials. Why not try plaiting leather cord to create a defined eye-catching choker. You could also trim down a leather belt and add studs, or other materials like fabric or ribbon would work well too. For inspiration, take a look at this sparkly ribbon choker made by Velvet Heart Shop.

6. Flowers

We’ve noticed a definite movement towards romantic floral accessories. Flower brooches, hair combs, earrings and statement necklaces, mostly with a fair amount of bling, all have a place in the top trends for fall.

On the catwalks, floral accessories are being showcased using a range of different materials, including fabric, pearls, wire, rhinestones and more. You could combine another trend here and use pearls to make a flower brooch or necklace. We loved this pretty crochet flower brooch made by Myfanwys Makes – the color is perfect for fall!

We hope you enjoyed this post about fall jewelry trends for 2015 and that it inspires you when thinking about designing handmade gifts this season!

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*Main images on trends sourced from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

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