Handmade Showcase – Bridal Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is an important consideration for any bride. It should perfectly complement the wedding dress, color scheme, hair and makeup – and of course, it should look beautiful and unique!

We’re big fans of handmade jewelry here at Golden Age Beads. You can guarantee with any style of handmade jewelry that it will be one of a kind and unique.

Much care and effort goes into creating bespoke handmade jewelry and when it comes to wedding jewelry, that’s exactly what a blushing bride will want and expect.

Spring is upon us and the wedding season is beginning so today, we’ve put together a handmade showcase based on some of the most beautiful bridal jewelry we’ve seen in recent weeks. Each piece has been lovingly handmade by a talented jewelry designer!



If you or someone you know is getting married this year, we hope this collection will inspire you. Enjoy!

Bridal Blush Earrings by Rozen Handmade

Wedding Bracelet Watch by Mimosa Milena Dobreva

“Preparation for a Wedding” Bracelet by Katblin

Crystal Bridal Headpiece by Joy and Felicity

Cabochon Wedding Earrings by Donauluft

Crystal Shoulder Piece by Blair Nadeau Millinery (Whitney Heard Photography)

Something Blue Sapphire Bracelet by Two Feathers NY

White Victorian Necklace by Ardent Hearts

Statement Bridal Necklace by Ambrosia Bridal

We hope this post has inspired you if you’re thinking about wedding jewelry for yourself or someone you know who is getting married this year.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the artists from Etsy who have allowed us to use their stunning images today for this post! For more jewelry inspiration, you might want to check out this section of our blog.

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2 thoughts on “Handmade Showcase – Bridal Jewelry

  1. Sarah Anderson Reply

    That is crazy that these are all homemade, with a few of these I would never have guessed. My favorite has to be the Crystal Bridal Headpiece. When I get married, I would love to be able to wear something so beautiful.


  2. Jewels Reply

    It is good idea to clean your jewelry after each wear. While you wear your jewelry gets exposed to oil or sweat from skin, soap, lotion or chemical from other sources. So once you take it off, don’t just put it away without cleaning it or at least wipe it down with a soft cloth.



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