How to Make a Bead & Wire Heart Pendant

We have a great tutorial for you today on how to make a bead and wire heart pendant with necklace! This jewelry-making project is perfect for giving as a gift on Mother’s Day, birthdays or other special occasions.

This is a project that anyone can do, even if you’re new to jewelry-making. You’ll need just a few materials, as follows:

  • Gold tone wire (24 or 22 gauge) – the wire needs to be strong enough to hold its shape but thin enough to fit through the hole in size 11/0 seed beads.
  • Gold tone chain.
  • Gold tone clasp and jump rings.
  • Size 11/0 Toho round seed beads in white (pink or red would look great too).
  • Round nose and flat nose jewelry pliers and wire cutters.


Trim off a length of wire measuring around 10 inches. Use your round nose and flat nose pliers to make a spiral with the wire at one end.

The easiest way to do this is to use your round nose pliers to curl the wire in at one end to form a small loop. Then use your flat nose pliers to hold the loop in place while you wrap the wire around it to make a flat spiral shape.

Using the other end of your wire, pick up 12 x seed beads and slide them down towards the flat spiral shape you’ve just made.


Measure out how much chain you’ll need for your necklace. 16 or 18 inches is the average size but place the chain around your neck to make sure you’re happy with the length before trimming it with your wire cutters.

Then slide one end of your chain onto the wire as shown in Step 3. No jump rings required at this point – just use the end link!

Holding the wire as shown in the step 4 photo, bend it over your forefinger to make the first curve of your heart shape.


Add on 7 x seed beads on the other side of the chain and then make another bend in the wire (upwards). To do this, hold the wire with your round nose pliers as close to the seed beads as possible and then bend the wire in the opposite direction.

Using your forefinger again, make the second curve of your heart shape. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, you can always adjust it once the remaining beads are in place.

Add on 7 x seed beads again and then add your chain onto the wire as before.

Thread on 12 x seed beads onto your wire to complete the other side. All that you need to do now is wrap your excess wire around the opposite wire just above the spiral shape.

You might need to unravel your spiral shape a tiny bit to make room to wrap your wire. If so, go ahead and do that, then curl your spiral shape around again once you’ve connected both sides of the heart pendant together.


Wrap the wire twice above the spiral shape so that it won’t come undone. Then trim it off on the back side of the heart pendant and flatten it a little with your flat nose pliers to make sure there are no sharp bits!

Finally, measure the halfway point of your chain and cut the middle link to split your chain into two parts so that you can attach your clasp to that point. You may like to check out this article on how to attach a clasp.

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