How to Make a Long Beaded Boho Necklace

Today’s tutorial is on how to make a beautiful long beaded boho necklace! This necklace would look great on its own or as a layered necklace, to be used with others. The mix of turquoise and bronze beads in different sizes and colors gives this necklace a distinct bohemian look.

To make this necklace, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Selection of beads in different colours and sizes (we used round turquoise beads, glass pearls, bronze sparkly rondelles, gold tone metallic beads and a couple of glass focal beads.
  • Antique brass chain in two sizes (approx. 20 inches of each).
  • Antique brass eye pins
  • Antique brass jump rings in large and small sizes
  • Antique brass clasp
  • Pliers (round nose and flat nose) and wire cutters


Use the eye pins with the beads to make a set of bead components. You can string just one bead on an eye pin or several! To do this, slide a bead onto an eye pin and then make a loop at the other end with your pliers, so that there are two loops – one either side of the bead.

When you’ve finished, you should have a set of bead components that look like these in this image! Each component should have a loop at either end, which will be used to connect to another component.


Before attaching any of your bead components together, it’s a good idea to lay them out how you’d like them to be. If you have a bead board, you can use it to design your necklace layout as shown in the above photo. If not, just lay out your beads on a sheet of felt. The aim is to decide the exact design of your necklace before connecting up each of the pieces.

For this necklace, we wanted a bead component to dangle downwards in the center of the necklace, as shown in the photo.

Once you’re happy with the necklace layout, go ahead and connect the bead components together using a jump ring in between them. We’ve used large jump rings in this tutorial, but you can use smaller ones if you prefer.


The next step is to add your necklace chain. Use the larger of the two sizes of chain for this part of the project. You can measure out how much chain you need using your bead board, or you can simply measure it around your neck and trim off the piece that you need.

To make the chain lengths exactly the same size each side, connect both ends to the outer bead components (while it’s still in one piece), find the halfway point in the chain and cut with wire cutters.

When you’re sure that your necklace chain will fit properly, it’s time to add a clasp.

To make the tassel at the end of the necklace, use the smaller chain and cut 10 pieces to the same size – around 2.5 inches each one – with your wire cutters.


Attach each of the 10 strands of chain to a jump ring and then attach the whole piece to the dangle bead component that you made earlier. Close up the jump ring to finish!

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