How to Make Funky DIY Boot Accessories

Boots are a staple in our winter wardrobes and you can’t beat a lovely pair that goes with every outfit. But sometimes you might want to change up your favorite footwear and add a bit of pizzaz to them!

This fun DIY is great for those who like to accessorize and perfect for people who have lots of jewelry making and craft supplies. Get your imagination flowing and think of your fave outfits and how they could be spruced up by funking up your shoes. You don’t have to stop at one boot accessory design, you could make multiples with different color themes and styles.

Ideas for Customizing Your Boots

It all depends on your personal style as to what kind of boot accessories you decide to make. You could opt for more jewelry inspired designs with chains and beads, or you could make something that looks a little more like a belt or skirt for your shoe.

Boho Babe

If you like your earthy tones, tassels and natural elements, then you might like the idea of creating fringed skirts for your boots.

Items to use:

  • Leather/suede (or faux leather) fringing
  • Patterned trims
  • Shells
  • Wooden beads


Glamour Puss

If you have a pair of ultra-glam boots, you might want to give them some extra sparkle for a party (the holidays are upon us, so show off your creativity and style).

Items to use:

  • Chain
  • Diamante trims
  • Gemstone charms
  • Glitter trims

Punky Chick

Your favorite black boots could look extra chunky and punky with the addition of some spikes, leather and hardware.

Items to use:

  • Chain
  • Metal trims
  • Spikes
  • Leather (or faux leather)
  • Buckles

Girly Girl

You might like everything pink and cute, but your boots just need that added touch of sweetness – why not add a boot anklet which expresses your personal style even more?

Items to use:

  • Ribbons
  • Faux fur
  • Cute charms
  • Diamante trim

Check out our tutorial for some really cute boot accessories, which are perfect for adding a customized touch to your feet this winter. This DIY would make a great present for your friend or a family member who loves to be original and has a really stand-out personal style – the ideal stocking filler maybe?!

Make Your Own Boot Accessories

We know you’re raring to go, so let’s get on with this fabulous, fashionable DIY!


  • Your chosen boots for measuring
  • Pliers
  • Chain cutters (or regular wire cutters)
  • Chains – different styles and colors add more interest
  • Beaded trim or bead strings (add diamante for more festive sparkle)
  • Jump rings – 4 large and multiple smaller
  • 2 Claw clasp fastenings
  • Extender chains
  • Charms (optional)


Step 1

Firstly you will want to create a general base of chain for your boot accessory.

Do this by measuring a piece that will sit to the front of the boot and long enough to meet the 2 large jump rings.

IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure to cut 2 of each length of chain so you end up with 2 completely even boot accessories – you don’t want one to be shorter than the other.

Step 2

Complete the boot anklet by adding another piece of chain around the back of the boot. You will end up with a loop which is the perfect size to fit around your boots.

Step 3

To make your boot accessory a bit more versatile, add in a fastening and extender chain to the back – this means you could wear them with another pair of boots and change the height at which it sits.


Step 4

Add more layers of chain to your boot anklet. These look great at different lengths, so they drape below your initial chain. You can add as many of these as you like.

(Don’t forget to cut 2 of each length as you go!)

The chains will more than likely fit onto the large jump rings without the need for smaller attachments, but you if you’re using delicate chain, be sure to add a jump ring to either end and account for the extra length this will make on that row of the chain.


Step 5 (optional)

Pop a little charm onto the outer side of your boot accessory (the side which will be most visible when you’re wearing them). This is where you can add even more of a personalized touch to your boot anklets and the charm can match the personality of the intended wearer.

Fasten your new funky accessories onto your favorite boots and head out and about your day – we’re pretty sure you’ll be getting lots of complementary looks and comments on your awesome shoes! Make a set for EVERY occasion and match them to your perfect party outfit this festive season.

Don’t forget to tag us in pics of you wearing your personalized boot accessories, we can’t wait to see all your cool ideas!




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