How to Market to Your Target Audience

Although many creatives design pieces they would love to wear themselves, we would all quickly run ourselves out of business if we followed that model! So, who is it exactly that is buying our wares and how do we successfully market to them? Lets think about a couple of hypothetical examples.

1. Bohemian style beaded jewelry

This could be gemstone bracelets, arrowhead necklaces, feather earrings, anything that falls within that style guideline. These are usually made with earthy colors, gemstones, and leather. Though these items can be somewhat pricey- the market for them is usually young with little expendable income. They spend their money on music shows and pretty clothes and consider themselves “earthy.” So, how do you reach this audience?


Consider the idea that your target market isn’t always the people who will be wearing your pieces, but instead their loved ones who may be buying them gifts. When marketing pieces geared towards a younger generation (think high school and college age) it is prudent to market towards them, but also to their parents! Use tags like “gifts for teens” or “college girl necklace” in your keywords to reach them.

2. Bead embroidery jewelry

Unlike the last example, the market for labor intensive pieces like soutache or bead embroidery is a little bit older, and rather than wearing plain jewelry to their special events they want to look unique in a beautiful statement piece. They have careers, and more expendable income to spend on pieces that they will keep and wear for years. Depending on the style of your pieces you can market them to women for daily statement pieces, or special events like galas, weddings, or banquets.

Women in this target audience most likely won’t be receiving expensive jewelry from their parents, but will possibly be receiving it as gifts from their spouse. Consider tags like “gift for wife” and “gift for her” when making your tags to reach the gift-giver.

When thinking about your target audience, if you get really stumped, go through your followers on Facebook and Instagram. How old do they appear to be? How have they decorated their home? What style of clothing do they wear? If a majority of your customers are in the same age range and have similar aesthetics, you have found your target audience! Look through the other accounts they follow and the sorts of hashtags they use to find out how best to reach them and get them to view your products.




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