How to Travel with Your Beads and Charms

Summer is in full swing, which means traveling to the beach, camping, and going on vacation is here. When I travel, I love an activity to do in transport or at the location, and sometimes it is difficult to find what I need in my bag. Below are five perfect organizers and one tool kit that won’t let a crafter down. They are great to take to your next trip or even to keep things tidy at home. Shop below and let us know what you think!

  1. This travel kit is lightweight and durable to put in your suitcase or purse. It comes with 1 portable beading mat, 1 detachable mesh and PVC project bag. It is hard to find a compact organizer so you have everything in one spot. The mat unfolds and you have a working space for your project. The mesh bag included will hold all your beads and strings in one place for easy use. Be sure to check Well Done Experiences store and organizer here.


  1. If you do multiple crafts, consider this bag. It is ideal to have everything organized in one place and has tons of compartments. All your supplies will fit in nicely, and it can be propped up to become a work station for your project. There’s a cool artsy design on the front too!

  1. This cool blue carry all organizer has five plastic lidded containers, five handy pockets with a Velcro and full zip closure, and a built-in handle and removable nylon strap. The carrying case is perfect to go over the shoulder from place to place. Bead organizing couldn’t get any more effortless with this case since everything has a spot!

  1. If you are taking some tools as well, this product on Amazon (prime shipping and multiple colors!) is perfect. It includes four clear departments and one big department at the top to hold your supplies with a handle. This item is great to go from room to room in your house as needed as well. Every tool you may need can be stored easily so you can find them without any digging.


  1. If you are working with smaller beads, this organizer is a must-have. It features 72 bead vials in a clear and easy to carry tote bag made by Bee Creative. Make sure to add this mat on Etsy so nothing gets lost. This can be used over and over again. Shop the item here.

Great Addition:

Another item you may want to get for traveling is this neat travel kit. It includes tweezers, nose pilfers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, bead scoop, snips, 6 stackable drawers, and 1 case to store everything. This is the ideal companion to any of the items above.




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