How to use Pinterest to Grow your Jewelry Business

Pinterest is an amazing tool for growing your small business. It has grown exponentially since its inception and is now a staple social media tool. If you haven’t made an account yet, do! Spend some time looking around the site and familiarize yourself with the layout and style.

1. Segmentation and targeting

The first key to harnessing the power of Pinterest is knowing your target market. If you sell bohemian jewelry, your audience is most likely interested in a bohemian aesthetic throughout every aspect of their lives. If you make more classic pieces, your audience is probably interested in classic silhouettes, clean lines, and simply chic designs. To capture your audience’s interest, create boards with images that appeal to their eye. This includes home d├ęcor, fashion, quotes, recipes, and beauty.

2. Developing a strategy

Don’t fall into the trap of only posting your own content or treating your Pinterest like a Facebook or Instagram page. Pinterest is an idea-sharing site, and you want your followers to see your products in a light that makes them just as interesting and beautiful as their favorite bloggers and brands. If your target audience is mothers between 25 and 40, you might create boards that include easy and stylish mom outfits, with a sprinkling of your jewelry thrown in. Make sure your boards are cohesive and speak to your audience!

3. Attention to detail

Pinterest is an incredibly visual site so your images are more important here than they are almost anywhere else. Your photos need to be composed well, bright, and engaging. A piece of jewelry on a white backdrop might be perfect for your website, but for Pinterest you need to tell a story. Using real models and natural backdrops will help to draw followers to your images.

4. Consistency

As you get started with your Pinterest account, try to make time to pin every day. If your account only has a few boards with very little pins, you aren’t as interesting to potential followers as similar brands with thousands of beautiful pins. Make your boards interesting and relevant and keep up with filling them! If you don’t have time to dedicate to keeping your boards topped up with new content, use a scheduling software like Tailwind, BoardBooster, or Buffer.

Overall, Pinterest is an amazing tool for small businesses to grow. You need to have strong images, a clear brand voice, and a working knowledge of your audience. If you get stuck, take a peek at brands that also appeal to your audience and see how they model their Pinterest boards and the kinds of pins they are adding.

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  1. Jewelpin Reply

    According to statistics, People go to Pinterest to discover new brands and to buy. Its a great social media platform for eCommerce and blogging!



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