How to Use Props in Product Photos

Product photography can be a tricky beast, especially for a new designer just starting out. However, good photography can make or break your new business! If you aren’t ready to jump into perfectly white backdrops with a lightbox or photo studio, you can still take amazing product photos using just the right props.

The key with using props in your product photos is to showcase your designs in a setting that feels natural and evokes an emotion in your potential buyers. While the ideal photo may include a real-life model, you can still show relative size using the right props, or help buyers get the emotions of your piece with a well-styled photo.

In the above photo, a necklace is styled next to a few pieces of makeup and a scarf. This shows both size and emotion. For a buyer looking to get a gift for a loved one, this photo screams “teenager” or “college student,” evoking the feeling of youth and excitement and the willingness to try new things- like a fringe necklace or hot pink lipstick.

In this photo, a gemstone bracelet is styled on top of a quartz crystal with a masquerade mask in the background. While this photo could end up being too busy, the bracelet is perfectly in focus with everything else blurred out. The crystal gives this photo a little bit of a bohemian vibe, while the masquerade mask gives the buyer an idea of the kinds of events this piece could be worn to. The photo feels both elegant and bohemian casual, which is what the bracelet exudes as well.

For a more simple styled photo, take an object that everyone knows the size of, like a coin or a coffee cup and place your jewelry in or around it. For example, you can hang earrings from the edge of a coffee cup, or place them next to a quarter to show their relative size.

Here are a few more examples of styled photography to get your creativity going. Some use an indoor photography set up, while others are taken outside in natural light. When you set out to take your photos, make sure your jewelry is the main focus with the props just used to enhance its beauty.

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  1. sharon a jordan-parker Reply

    Thank you
    The info is very interesting. I have used natural items for my pieces but I take them inside.
    Once the weather gets better here I’m going to try some of the suggestions.
    thanks Sharon



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