How to Write a Great Personal Bio – for Creatives

It may seem unimportant, but having a great bio for your website, blog, or Etsy can really draw in customers for you! The best part about buying handmade is knowing that you are buying from a person who pours their heart and soul into their work- not just a mass-manufactured piece of junk jewelry that you will wear once and then never touch again. Buyers know that each piece is lovingly handcrafted and are pieces that they should take care of to be able to wear for years to come.

When buyers shop in person at a brick and mortar store or a craft fair, they can get to know you and perhaps a little bit of your creative process. The personal aspect of that interaction is often what grabs their attention and gets them to buy your wares. But how to you get that same personal touch online? By writing a stellar personal bio that gives your customers just enough of your story to get them interested in you as a designer.

Start off with a list of points you think you want to make. Here are a few to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. How you got started creating jewelry/art/etc (this can even be a childhood art teacher)
  2. What are your favorite mediums (example: beadwork, painting, electroforming, etc.)
  3. Why and when did you start making this a business (the transition from hobby to entrepreneur is something that many shoppers are interested in)
  4. Where do you live? (nothing specific, but “the desert of Utah, or the mountains in Colorado” gives a great visual to online shoppers)
  5. Who do you support with this income. (Kids? Husband? Cats? Everyone has seen the “shop small business” ads, give your own little plug here.)
  6. What are your future dreams with your business?



You don’t need to get too personal with your bios, remember these people have never and may never meet you in person, so no need to talk to deeply about your immediate family or day-to-day life. This bio should be about you, but about you as an artist and a designer, not so much you as a daughter, wife, mother, etc.

When you have your brainstorming session finished, it is time to put everything together. Remember you want to sell yourself to your potential customers but don’t oversell it and get all sales pitchy. Describe yourself as you would to a business partner who desperately wants to work with you. Let your language get a little bit flowery and whimsical – you are an artist! No need to be stoic.

When you have written your first draft, read it out loud to yourself for grammar purposes. Then, gather your courage and begin to read it out loud to your family or send it to other creative friends to look over. Another set of eyes never hurt- they may catch something you missed or have suggestions for things to add.

If you get really stuck, go through your favorite Etsy shops and read their bios. What are they talking about in theirs, what kind of language are they using, how long are they? But at the end of the day your bio is your own and should reflect your best version of yourself as an artist- not anyone else!




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