Independence Day Jewelry Making Project – Peyote Stitch Beaded Ring

Independence Day will soon be upon us and to mark the occasion, we’ve designed a fun tutorial for you today – a peyote stitch beaded ring made up as a representation of the American flag! Included with this tutorial is a free beading pattern for you to download.

We couldn’t include all 50 stars and 13 stripes for this ring due to space restrictions, so we decided on a miniature version instead. The technique used for this tutorial is flat odd count peyote stitch. If you’re new to peyote stitch, you can brush up on the basics in this tutorial.

For this project you’ll need the following materials:

  • Size 11/0 Toho Round Seed Beads in white, red and blue colors (you can also use Toho Treasures or Miyuki Delicas if you prefer but please note the sizing will be a little different).
  • Nymo beading thread in white.
  • Beading needle (size 10 or 12).
  • Scissors.


Before starting, download our free pattern here!

Thread your needle with a good length of Nymo beading thread and pick up any bead to use as a stop bead. Pass your needle and thread through the stop bead to secure it into place, leaving a 6 inch tail.

Then pick up 9 seed beads in alternating red and white colors, starting and ending with a red seed bead as show in step 1.

The next bead you’ll need to pick up is a red seed bead. Then, working in the opposite direction, go through the next white seed bead (which was bead no. 8 in the first row). Pick up another red seed bead and go through the next white seed bead.


Do this two more times and then you’ll need to make a turn to move up to the next row. Working in flat even count peyote stitch is straightforward when you need to make a turn, but flat odd count peyote is slightly different. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get the thread in the right position for the next row.

With your thread exiting out of the white seed bead (this is bead no. 2 from the first row), pick up a red seed bead and pass your needle through the 3 seed beads as show in step 2. You’ll be going diagonally through the very first red seed bead from row 1, the white seed bead that your thread is currently exiting out of and the top red seed bead from the row that you’re currently working on.

Then, with your thread exiting out of the second red seed bead that is sitting on the left hand side in the top row, pass your needle through the red seed bead that is directly under it – and also through the white middle seed bead again. See the step 3 photo.

Here’s the important part – go back down into the very first red seed bead on row 1. The turn is nearly complete!


Now go back through the first red seed bead on the second row so your thread is in the right place for the next bead. The turn might seem complicated at first but you need to go through those beads in that particular order so that your thread is lined up correctly!

To continue, pick up a white seed bead and pass through the next red seed bead to close up the gap. Repeat until you get to the end of the row. When you move up to the next row, there’s no need to make the fancy turn! You’ll only need to do that on one side of your beadwork (so every two rows).

Continue making red and white stripes in your beadwork until you’re ready to add the “stars”part of the flag. In our pattern, we’ve placed the stars in the middle of the pattern, but you can add this in whenever you like because once the ring is joined together, it will look even and seamless.


When starting the blue background / white stars, make sure that you finish the stripes with the red seed beads sitting higher than the white seed beads (as shown in step 6).

Add the blue and white seed beads by continuing the flat odd count peyote stitch technique (follow the free pattern we’ve included) and when you’ve finished this, you’ll be starting with red seed beads again for the next part of the stripes.

Continue adding rows until your beaded ring fits around your finger. The pattern is sized to approximately 10.5 (US ring size) – just over two and a half inches when measured flat. If you need your ring to be smaller, don’t make as many rows. Add a few more on if you need to make it larger!

Once you’re happy that your ring will fit, it’s time to join the ends to make the ring complete. Make sure you finish with your white seed beads sitting higher than the red seed beads.

Then just weave the ends together by sewing through the “high” beads in a zigzag fashion. When you reached the end of the row, tie a knot between seed beads and weave through a few more seed beads (taking care to follow the order of the beads) before making another knot.


Trim your excess thread as close to the seed beads as possible. Add your needle onto the tail end and weave in the tail before trimming the thread at that end.

Once you’ve done that, your Independence Day themed beaded ring will be complete!

We hope you enjoyed this patriotic jewelry-making tutorial and that you have fun creating your own beaded ring! You might also be interested to check out our Independence Day themed bracelet tutorial before you go.

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