Interesting Facts About Moonstone

Moonstone is a magical stone, you just have to look at it to know that there’s a lot more going on than just minerals. Moonstone jewelry is mesmerisingly beautiful, especially when the stones are set into silver as it enhances the moonlike qualities. This stunning stone is more than just a pretty face!

Despite its name, Moonstone is not found on the moon, although its reflective surface is very reminiscent of the moon at night and its healing properties are heavily linked to the moon and feminine power. This stone is found in several places, most commonly in Sri Lanka, but also in India, Australia, Myanmar and USA.

Moonstone is a derivative of Feldspar, and rainbow moonstone is very closely linked to labradorite. The opalescence and color shift is very beautiful and is found in both Rainbow and Blue varieties of moonstone, however, the yellow/peach/white variety does not have much if any color shifting in its surface. This rainbow effect is created by lamellar intergrowths within the crystal reflecting mainly blue, but also white and gold hues.

As far as obtaining this crystal, it is very easy to do so – not a rare crystal at all. The rarest form of moonstone is the blue variety, of which it is said that the best stones wash up onto the shores every 21 years (according to myth in Asia).


When it comes to moonstone jewelry, you can’t go wrong with any form, but necklaces or brooches are brilliant for keeping moonstone close to your throat and heart chakras. Rings, especially with rainbow or blue moonstone, can look like a costume prop straight out of a fantasy movie and are a great way of keeping the stone with you wherever you go.

If you believe in the holistic and healing properties of crystals, here are the effects of wearing 2 different types of moonstone:

  • Blue Moonstone – worn over the heart or throat chakra – enhances inner peace and tranquility
  • White Moonstone – worn over the heart – balances feminine energy and hormones, soothes emotions

There are many great healing properties to moonstone, and each variety has its own ways of healing your body, mind and spirit. You can harness these powers by wearing, holding or carrying your chosen crystal.

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Rainbow/Blue Moonstone –

  • Calms the energy field and cleanses the aura
  • Clears negative energy and helps to promote inner peace
  • Eases stress, anxiety and hormonal issues
  • Enhances intuition and receptivity

Yellow/Peach/White Moonstone –

  • Balances hormones, especially during the menstrual cycle (and other stressful hormonal times such as puberty or menopause)
  • Can be helpful to those who have fertility issues
  • Increases creativity and enhances intuition
  • Can help men to get in touch with their emotions
  • Consoles people who feel helpless due to their weight
  • Helps you to love and value yourself as you are

If you’re still eager to learn more about moonstone, here are some more interesting facts about this gorgeous crystal!

Another name for moonstone is adularia.

Moonstone is the birthstone for the month of June and for those born as Rats and Pigs in the Chinese Zodiac.

The zodiac sign that moonstone is closely linked to is Cancer.

Angel Muriel is associated with moonstone.

Moonstone is the traditional Ayurvedic stone for women due to the crystal’s embodiment of the energy of the Goddess & the feminine moon.


Moonstone for many many years has been linked to:

  • Fertility
  • Growth
  • Protection
  • The cycle of time
  • The natural ebb and flow of energy

The chakra moonstone is associated with is the Sacral (also Crown and Brow Chakras).

There are candle colors associated to each type of moonstone:

  • Yellow/Peach/White Moonstone – Peach
  • Rainbow Moonstone – White/Silver
  • Blue Moonstone – Blue

There are also fragrances which are associated to moonstone:

  • Yellow/Peach/White Moonstone – Chamomile/Peach/Ylang Ylang
  • Rainbow Moonstone – Eucalyptus/Jasmine/Lemon Balm/Myrrh/Neroli
  • Blue Moonstone – Lavender/Magnolia/Mimosa

In the workplace, moonstone is great for those who work outdoors, like florists and gardeners. It is also a great stone for creatives e.g. artists, dancers and musicians.

If you were to use moonstone for divination, its meaning could be the following:

  • Yellow/Peach/White Moonstone – What you work for is coming to fruition
  • Rainbow Moonstone – Nurture yourself and take time to relax
  • Blue Moonstone – A lucky opportunity

Moonstone can help with lucid dreaming and can also bring about calm sleep when placed under your pillow.

We love moonstone in all of its forms and absolutely love making jewelry using moonstone beads. This crystal would make the perfect choice for a bride who wants something a little less traditional than pearls for her bridal accessories. For those on a budget, opalite is an inexpensive man-made alternative to rainbow moonstone, especially if you love lots of opalescence!




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  2. Agree! As a result of its association with the moon, this stone rocks at relieving emotions amid that time. The moonstone metaphysical properties are the best stones for adjusting hormones and offering help amid times of hormonal change, for example, adolescence or menopause.



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