Make Your Own Tassel Anklet

Summer is made for getting your ankles out! Well… it’s definitely the perfect time of year to don your shorts and take your accessories into summer mode – cue the anklets and toe rings!

Here’s some DIY inspiration for a funky tassel anklet which is sure to look perfect with your sunny weather wardrobe.

Tools and materials

  • Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Flat nosed pliers
  • Embroidery threads
  • Cardboard or a fork
  • Chain
  • Jump rings
  • Fastening
  • Extender chain (optional)

Step 1

Measure a length of chain to fit around your ankle, considering the extra length a fastening will add. Cut the same length of chain twice.

Step 2

Lay out the two chain lengths flat to work out where you want to attach the tassels – then you’ll know how many you need to make.

We decided we wanted to add 7 tassels to the anklet – 3 on one chain row and 4 on the other row.

Step 3

Use a fork (or a piece of card cut to your chosen tassel size) and place a length of embroidery thread (about 4” just to be sure) across the top before wrapping the tassel thread around the prongs.

The amount of times you wrap will depend on how full you want your tassels to be.

Step 4

Once you’ve finished wrapping, slide the tassel off the fork slowly and tie a double knot with the top thread.

Step 5

Slide off the wrapped thread completely and cut carefully through all of the threads at the bottom, being careful to keep the threads inside the top thread knot – don’t pull any of the strands of the tassel.

Step 6

Cut another short length of thread and tie a tight knot around the thread bundle near to the top – about ¼ of the way from the top of the tassel.

Let the two long ends join in with the tassel and trim off the excess. You can neaten the tassel too by trimming the bottom.

Step 7

Tie the tassel securely onto a jump ring, then place your jump ring onto the anklet chain where you want it to hang.

You could wait until you have all 7 tassels tied onto jump rings before placing them onto your chain – just to get the layout nice and neat. Alternatively, you could attach your jump rings to the chain before tying on the tassels.

Step 8

Attach your fastening using a jump ring (hooking both rows of chain onto the ring). If your anklet feels a little tight at this point, add an extender chain to it and get the fit just right.

Make your anklet your own by choosing your favorite colors and even adding charms as well as tassels. Share your creations with us on Twitter or Facebook – we love seeing our readers’ amazing handiwork!

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