Make Your Pet a Funky Woven Collar!

There’s nothing quite as fun as dressing your pet in fun outfits and having a little giggle. But most pets prefer to be sans minion outfits or novelty hats, so why not make them something they can comfortably wear all the time?

This tutorial will show you how to weave your own collar for your cat or dog – you might want to make more than one so your pet can match your own outfits!

Tools and materials


Step 1

Cut your paracord to the length you want. A good basis is to have a foot of cord for every inch of length that you need e.g. 15 inch collar needs 15 foot of paracord. Take into account the size of the buckle when taking this measurement, as you don’t want the collar to be too loose. You can set your length more easily once you can see the size in Step 3.

Step 2


Make a larks head knot through one side of your squeeze clip, making sure that the two strand lengths you’re left with are even.

Step 3

Threading the two loose ends through the other half of the clip. This is where you set the appropriate collar size – pull the cord through until you have the desired length.

Step 4


a) Open up the clip and lay everything flat with the left cord and right cord to each side. These two loose cords will be woven around the two central cords to create the sturdy collar.

b) Start by making a loop with the right hand side cord, bringing the end over the top of the 2 centre strands.

c) Bring the left side cord over the right cord, then under the 2 centre strands and up through the loop you made with the right cord. Pull this taught, close to the fastening base.

d) Repeat the steps above, but make the loop on the left side and bring the right cord over then under and back up through the loop. Each knot you make will require you to alternate left to right loops.

Step 5


a) Once you get about 2 inches along your design, it’s time to add the D-ring to your collar. We used a 15mm ring which should be perfect for clipping the leash onto.

b) The cord threads through the D-ring when you make the loop and then the weaving technique is the same. 3 knots was enough to hold the ring onto the collar.

Step 6


a) Continue weaving until you reach the end of your cord length (next to the fastening).

b) Cut off the excess cord.

c) Now you will need the lighter here to melt the ends of your cord and seal the weaving you just did. Press the melted cord with the scissors to get a nice flat finish after you melt the cut ends.

Et voila! You have a funky pet collar to gift your furry best friend.




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