Men’s Leather Cord Macramé Bracelet – Father’s Day Project

With Father’s Day coming up, we thought we’d post a jewelry-making tutorial that’s suitable for the men in your life!

In today’s post, find out how to make this macramé leather cord and bead bracelet. The dark colored cord is perfect for men’s jewelry-making, but this bracelet could be made in other colors if you’d prefer a unisex style bracelet.

For this project, you’ll need the following materials:


To begin, trim 2 lengths of cord to size. Cord no. 1 should be around 14 inches long and cord no. 2 should be much longer as you’ll be using this cord for macramé knotting. Make sure cord no. 2 is around 3 feet long, if you can work with that amount of cord.

Tape cord no. 1 at the top and bottom to a table surface so that it doesn’t move around too much. You may find it useful to knot the cord at the top so that it doesn’t slide under the tape. Cord no. 1 will be the base cord.

Pass cord no. 2 (the really long length of cord) under cord no. 1 until you’ve found the halfway point of cord no. 2.

You’ll now begin to make your first macramé knot (a square knot). Starting on the left hand side, place cord no. 2 over the base cord (no. 1) to make a semi-circle shape. Cord no. 2 should be placed under cord no. 1 at the top, but over it as you bring the cord around as shown in the picture above.


Take cord no. 2 on the right hand side of the base cord and thread the end of it under the cross section of the two cords and through the loop that you’ve just made.

Then pull both ends of cord no. 2 so that a knot forms around cord no. 1 (the base cord). Pull it so that the gaps close in the knot, but don’t make it too tight!


Repeat steps 2 to 4 but on the other side – so start with the cord on the right hand side to create the semi-circle shape.

When you’ve done that, you’ll have made your first square knot and it should look something like the knot in the above picture!


Make 5 square knots by following the steps above. Then add on a bead. To do this, unstick the tape from the bottom end of cord no. 1 and slide on one of your beads.

To secure the bead into place, simply make a knot around it. Just carry on and make a complete square knot. Repeat this twice more so that you have three beads with a square knot in between each one.

When you’ve threaded on three beads like this, make another 5 square knots and then repeat with the pattern of beads.

Repeat the pattern again so that you have 3 sets of 3 beads with macramé knots in between. Your bracelet should be at a suitable length at this point.


Remove the tape and turn the macramé bracelet over so that you can tie off cord no. 2 neatly. To do this, simply make a straightforward overhand knot. Dab a little jewelry glue in between the knot and wait for it to dry before trimming the cord. Don’t trim the base cord just yet though!

Use cord ends to add a fixing to the ends of the macramé bracelet. We’ve used thin cord ends for this. For a snug fit, we folded the cord in half before twisting the cord end on. Use jewelry glue inside the cord end before doing this.


Repeat step 11 for the other end of the bracelet and trim off excess cord once you’re sure the cord ends have been glued into place.

All that’s left to do is add on your clasp and chain! Trim off a small length of chain and attach it to one cord end with a jump ring, this will enable the wearer to adjust the bracelet if they need to. On the other side, use a jump ring to attach the clasp.

We hope you enjoyed this jewelry-making tutorial and that you can use it for Father’s Day. For more free jewelry-making projects like this, please check out the tutorials section on our website!

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